What career is right for me?

I'm a UX designer, but have always wanted to learn more about engineering. Could I do both? What would a career path look like?

Asked by EllenUniversity of Michigan-Ann Arbor

1 Answer


I totally see your dilemma Ellen, as those careers aren't too far apart. If I were you, I'd probably try to meet as many engineers as I could and learn about their day-to-day. And I mean realllly learn about their day-to-day! Ask questions like:

  • What do you spend the majority of a day doing?
  • Who's your manager (like what's their title?)
  • How does your manager measure your performance?
  • What kind of tools are you using regularly?
  • What do you like/dislike about your role? about your company?
  • What does career development look like in your role?
  • What are the major transferrable skills you're learning from your job? Do you plan to use those to transition into a different role?

That's just a few examples, but aside from just jumping into coding yourself (most important in my opinion), hopefully questions like those could help you figure out if you could really see this as a new career for you. Wish you the best as you figure out this major step in your career!!

Answered by HarlanUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison