Any advice for someone who wants to go in to Contract iOS App Development?

So I find myself graduated as of 3 weeks ago and am trying to find a job. A thought that came to my mind is why not develop Apps for people as a contract. I know it is not the easiest career path but I am wondering if anyone has some thoughts or advice to share?

Asked by MoneebNorth Carolina State University at Raleigh

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1) Know that doing contract work is not always just coding! You're gonna end up having to "business" stuff like pitch yourself to clients, negotiate costs/proposals, collecting invoices, etc, etc. Look into tools like https://qwilr.com/ and https://www.freshbooks.com/. Also, a really common failure case for contract engineers is that they have too much time in between new projects or not enough time, so managing to get enough clients but not too many can be tough. If you don't get enough, you won't be able to pay the bills, but if you get too much and can't delegate the work to someone else, you'll get swamped and under deliver to your clients! Also, billing by the hour can sometimes be worse than billing by the project, so really make sure your payment structure makes sense for the effort you'll be putting in.

2) Build your portfolio!! Any time you're a contractor, if you weren't directly recommended by someone (or even if you were) people will want to see your previous work, and you'll want to wow them with it. Make sure your portfolio stands out!

3) Make sure to account for ongoing maintenance of the apps you build when working with clients. Know that bugs, feature requests and other unexpected events happen. Try to get them on a monthly retainer, or negotiate what you won't be doing once you've collected your last payment.

Best of luck!

Answered by NathanJohns Hopkins University