Should I write a thank you note?

Would love advice on best way to follow up!

Asked by AngelaUniversity of Vermont

1 Answer


I say go for it! Although, it should probably be more than just "thanks for the interview" and more specific to what y'all actually discussed. For example, it could be really cool if you were like:

"Thanks so much for your time today. I really enjoyed talking about {topic we discussed}. After we got off our call, I was actually researching it much further and found out that {interesting fact/conversation starter}."

Something along those lines could really help you stand out as someone that was really engaged during the interview process and a self-starter that's naturally curious. Give it a shot and see how it works out! Or don't. Totally cool too haha.

There's another question about this too: https://www.wayup.com/career-questions/question/8640a40a/should-i-send-a-thank-you-note-by-mail-or-email

Answered by OmarThe University of Texas at Austin