How do I know what a reasonable salary for my internship is?

Where are the best places to look for this information?

I know this can vary a lot by city/state and the size of a company. I also thought that year in school/number of past internships would play into this but I've seen hourly rates go up and down for some of my friends.

How can I determine if the salary I'm offered is fair?

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Hi Anonymous,

This is a great question! WayUp believes that unpaid internships perpetuate inequality in America. That's why they've recently launched their Pay the Interns campaign. But since it sounds like you're attracting paid internship opportunities, you're already one step ahead of the game!

The first step I would do is search different websites that publish compensation data to understand industry averages. Sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, Salary.com, and PayScale help candidates understand what the market rate is for their chosen profession.

The second step I would take would be to search specific companies I'm interested in applying to as a way to understand whether or not they offer a compensation that aligns with my expectations.

The final step I would take would be to create a personal budget. It's important to understand all of the possible expenses you may incur so that you have a better understanding of what salary you can accept. Remember, not every internship is going to offer a Facebook internship salary, so you'll want to ensure your needs are met.

Note: When interviewing for your internship, it's important to ask as many helpful questions as possible when making a final decision. If one opportunity offers $20 an hour and another opportunity offers $25 an hour, your decision may seem clear. However, the lower paying opportunity may provide you with more helpful, real world experience and exposure to industry professionals who will be valuable resources as your career evolves.

I hope this helps and good luck with your next opportunity.

Answered by Jim