How can you tell if an internship will be boring?

Really want to enjoy the internship experience and get the most out of it!

Asked by EllenUniversity of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Casey You can talk to your recruiter or find someone who's interned at the company before to see if they liked it.

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During the interview process, ask your interviewer/recruiter what you'll be doing and what they expect from you. You get a general idea of what you'll be doing and if that sounds boring or not to you. You can also ask them what they like about the internship or what other interns have liked about it. They love when you ask questions and want you to get the most out of it too! Once you get the internship, you can also ask interns who have been there longer if they like their internship or if they find it boring.

Answered by CristinaArizona State University


Ask the people you will be working with what sort of work they do on a day to day basis and what sort of work they will be expecting you to do. If it doesn't seem like something that will be interesting to you now, it most likely will be something that you find boring during the internship.

Answered by ProductBarnard College


You can check out glass door to see reviews from past interns at the company!

Answered by GillianUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison