Will I hate working remotely?

I've been hearing a lot about all these remote-only jobs. What's the appeal? How do I know it won't be terrible?

Asked by Anonymous UserQuietly Curious

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Maybe! Honestly, working remotely is NOT for everyone. I know some people who love it and some people who feel lonely and unproductive in a remote role. It's all about creating an environment that keeps you feeling motivated and on-task. Before committing to a remote position full-time, I spent one full week trying it out and found that at home I was SO distracted. Ultimately I found that a coworking space was what I needed. I suggest researching different shared office space options in your neighborhood!

Ultimately, working remotely is mostly about being self-motivating, overcommunicating, and writing to your coworkers a lot. If that sounds like you--great! If not, it might not be for you.

Answered by WilliamRutgers University-New Brunswick


It really depends on how you work.

If you're someone that really likes 4-6 hours of completely uninterrupted work, or if you like being able to be in a large space by yourself so you can walk around and brainstorm uninterrupted, it may be for you.

If you like face-to-face meetings/brainstorming sessions, or the serendipity of running into someone in the hallways, then it's probably not for you.

Try to envision what your ideal workplace looks like and see if it would work in a remote setting. But definitely keep in mind that although it sounds great to just wake up and work in your pajamas, you need to have serious self-motivation to work remotely!

Answered by OmarThe University of Texas at Austin


I'm currently doing two internships remotely...I think part-time remote jobs are awesome. They allow for flexibility and autonomy in the workplace BUT as many others said, you also need a lot of self-motivation. It's easy to fall behind if you don't check for new work every couple hours...it all depends on how organized the company/organization you're working for is. Make sure the company is organized and will provide you with a lot of guidance! All in all, it's similar to an online class - flexibility is great, but it's easy to fall behind.

Answered by SkyeValparaiso University


That depends on you quite frankly. I LOVE working from home because I can feel more comfortable with my duties as there are no people interrupting my work flow, looking over my shoulder, breathing down my back, or annoying me. I am also an older mobility challenged woman with a service animal. I have found that even though the law makes allowances for disabilities workplaces do not always make it easy. If you are an old granny like me go for it you will love it, however if you are a social butterfly who really needs people and personal contact you may not want to try it. Hope this helps Good Luck.

Answered by YvonneKaplan University-Des Moines Campus