How do I convince my boss that I should be allowed to work from home sometimes?

I'm not just trying to slack off – I genuinely find myself to be much more productive at home where I have no distractions and I can just focus. It seems that working from home is becoming more commonplace, but I'm new to this and could use some help navigating this conversation. Thanks in advance!

Asked by Anonymous UserUnemployed & Eager

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Great question. I recently did this and it went pretty well. I sent an email to my boss outlining the value to me personally and to the company, if I worked from home. In the email, I said that I would probably be able to be more productive because I do not have to commute (saves me time) and I can work longer. I'm also very communicative so, if I have a question, I'm happy to Slack and email. I told them that I would like them to treat it like an experiment and we evaluate how it worked after 2 weeks, which helped as it showed I was willing to negotiate with them.

Answered by SurajNew York University


Be proactive and responsible! Your boss wants to know that your work will get done. Email him/her and be clear and honest about your "ask" (i.e. the day(s) you 'd like to work-from-home.) Then, reiterate your projects, deadlines and deliverables so that he/she knows that you have a game plan and nothing will slip through the cracks. Clear communication is key!

Answered by EllenUniversity of Michigan-Ann Arbor

I'd just add that at many companies, working from home is a benefit you get because you've earned boss's trust, not something you're entitled to. Especially if you're new, one of the best things you can do at the beginning is ensure you earn that trust! Typically bosses want to see you're proactive, overcommunicative via email, and get your work done, but if you have a good boss you can seriously just ask them what they need to see from you for you to earn their trust as a reliable employee.