Is it okay to follow my bosses/coworkers on Instagram as an intern?

Is it best to wait until after an internship, or is it not okay even then?

I followed my CEO yesterday because I saw her posting something next to me and it was my natural reaction, but a second after I did that I thought "hm was that a bad move?" Was that a bad move?

Asked by EMMAUniversity of Southern California

3 Answers


Following your boss is great idea! If they have a public follow option, assume they want more followers like everyone else. LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram (if public) are always good options. A request on a private Instagram account or Facebook may be ok depending on your boss, but don't take it personally if they don't accept. Many people want to keep there public and private lives separate.

Answered by NathanJohns Hopkins University

Tony great answer!

In m opinion: You can follow your boss and company profiles from your professional social media account, but I do not recommend doing it on your personal account. Although work and personal life is supposed to be divided, believe it or not both your bosses and coworkers do that follow that rule. Just keep it professional and play it safe.

Answered by KierraFlagler College-St Augustine


I personally dont think so, especially if it's her private instagram. I wouldnt want coworkers I didnt know well in my private life, or personal . It could be weird or uncomfortable. But it is instagram. As long as she doesnt mind, there shouldnt be anything to worry about. I wouldve asked first though.

Answered by TealaUmpqua Community College