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Alaska Pacific University

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As one of only five member institutions within the prestigious Eco League, Alaska Pacific University has been offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs to the Anchorage area since almost before Alaska was officially a state! Originally funded by and affiliated with the Methodist Church, APU is non-denominational today but encourages students to live life according to seven Christian values, including leadership, moral character and responsibility. About 700 students here delve deep into such concentrations as outdoor studies, communication technology and counseling psychology, among many more. Go-getting high school seniors in the area can enroll in dual-credit courses via the Early Honors program, becoming sophomores upon their admission to the university. And for things to do, outdoor programs are especially popular here; equipment is available for kayaking, rock climbing, skiing, and more. But, for those times indoor recreation is better, there’s always the saltwater pool and climbing wall, as well as the gigantic Moseley Sports Center! With access to nature not seen elsewhere, it’s no wonder so many turn to Alaska Pacific University to feel a profound connection to the greater world.

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