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Clemson University is a public research university in Clemson, South Carolina. It was founded in 1889, and has approximately 18,000 undergraduates. This medium size university was attended by political leaders such as Strom Thurmond and Nikki Haley. The university has a beautiful campus with green hills, a beach and lake, and trees that look stunning when they’re in full bloom. Its Greek life is strong, it’s known for its academic success and it has a great study abroad program. Clemson is also active in intramural and club sports, and has amazing tailgates. The football home game turf is a sea of orange, with students making their presence and support felt! Other amazing shows of spirit include the exemplary role the Howard’s Rock plays before any game and Fridays, where students, faculty and staff all wear Clemson orange. Student-made Clemson ice cream is another school specialty! Clemson University, with its charming traditions and Southern location, provides a great environment to study and grow.

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