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As a small and secluded liberal arts college (its acceptance rate hovers at around 17%), Colorado College in Colorado Springs, CO doesn’t let just any schmuck barge onto its campus, proudly nestled “at the intersection of nature’s call and urban sprawl.” But what one puts into being admitted to CC, one tends to get back out, via its intense, one-class-at-a-time curriculum called the Block Plan. That’s right; there are no semesters at Colorado College, just three and a half weeks of diving into a single subject to its very core, then finishing that and diving right into another. And the CC Tigers don’t lack for choices: the 42 majors and 33 minors here include world-class programs in Anthropology, Neuroscience, Theatre & Dance, and many more. Face-to-face interaction is valued here to the point where the administration enforces a 10:1 faculty-to-student ratio. Popular resources include the expansive Tutt Library and Quantitative Reasoning Center, and in a blast from the past, CC still has five academic halls on campus listed on the National Register of Historic Places. As it is different from ‘all the rest,’ Colorado College is where truly in-depth education begins, and where it will be found for ages to come.

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