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Founded in 1880 as a school of oratory, Emerson College is the place to go for specialized instruction and experience in the fields of communication and the arts. Among other milestone achievements, Emerson established the first writers’ program in the nation to focus specifically on the needs of the professional publishing industry, and was one of the first colleges to establish programs in children’s theater (in 1919) and broadcasting (in 1937.) It promotes “E-spirit,” where the ‘e’ stands simultaneously for “electric” and “Emerson,” and even grants an annual Spirit of Emerson Award to up to two individuals or groups that best exemplify the college’s mission statement. When not studying, Emerson’s 4,000 students participate in more than 80 cultural, spiritual and governmental organizations and/or pledge into eight fraternities and sororities. And don’t ever accuse the Lions of being too serious; an Emerson education has even bolstered the careers of mega-comedians Jay Leno (’73) and Steven Wright (’78)! In all ways, Emerson knows what it’s doing, and does it well.

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