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Florida State University

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Florida State University is a large public university, located in Tallahassee. Established in 1851, the university has over 30,000 undergrads, and has been attended by greats such as Dalvin Cook and Jim Morrison. It voices a strong commitment to education and student success, with study centers in different parts of the world. It’s also not too hard to garner garnet & gold pride, as FSU has a nationally-ranked football team and the Renegade, its beloved mascot! Football isn’t the university’s only source of spirit; FSU is home to one of the nation’s two college circuses. It also has a satirical newspaper, The Eggplant, which always has an interesting take on campus life! From kayaking at the Reservation to the ropes and rock wall course, there are many adventures to be had within and outside campus. Its party scene is just as vibrant and intense! FSU, with its blue skies, touchdowns and opportunities for academic growth, is a great place to work hard and party harder.

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