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It doesn’t take much time, when inspecting Grand Valley State University’s official seal, to understand the message it conveys: it has four points arranged in four different directions, just like a compass. Direction, appropriately, is what 25,000 students have come here to find each year. Young as public liberal arts institutions go (it was founded in 1960 in Allendale, Michigan), GVSU grew exponentially over the decades that followed to encompass eight distinct colleges, offer more than 4,000 study-abroad programs through the Padnos International Center, and coordinate more than 160 research projects. But even as they hit the books, these kids still know how to joke around: local improve group Subject to Change keeps things light with their regularly posted blog feature “10 Random Opinions,” making fun of everything from the campus library to a controversy about the removal of a notable Foucault pendulum (it was, after all, being used to spoof Miley Cyrus!) Notable GVSU alumni include “Family Guy” director Greg Colton and many NFL players, such as Brandon Carr, Cameron Bradfield, and Tim Lelito.

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