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Kuyper College

Type Private

Setting Suburb

Avg. Degree Length 4+ years

Founded as Reformed Bible Institute in 1939, what is now known as Kuyper College in Grand Rapids, Michigan changed its name in 2006, to honor theologian Abraham Kuyper. This private, ministry-focused college serves just over 200 students and offers faith-based degrees in biblical studies, ministry and music as well as many other service-oriented four-year programs. It maintains a biblical world-view, and in keeping with its belief that the Holy Trinity steers history, integrates the Bible directly into every class. Kuyper is selective—just over half of applicants get in—which helps keep class sizes small and the student to faculty ratio low, at just 15 to 1. On-campus resources include career assistance, which emphasizes internships and cultural immersion, as well as personal counseling, tutoring and the comprehensive Zondervan Library. Extracurricular opportunities range from Student Senate and a Spiritual Life Committee to several intramural sports, and financial aid and scholarships are available to those who qualify (in fact, scholarships are automatically awarded based on academic standing; they don’t require a separate application process!) Kuyper College is the place to be for a tight-knit community and an education that forges even the average student into a powerful messenger for God.

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