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New Saint Andrews College

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Avg. Degree Length 4+ years

Those looking for a classical education should look no further than New Saint Andrews College in Moscow, Idaho. Modeled after academic standards as old as seventeenth-century Harvard, NSAC teaches only a single, liberal-arts-based bachelor’s-level curriculum, in addition to offering master’s degrees in theology and classical Christian studies. With only a total enrollment of about 200 students, NSAC conducts classes using Oxford-style small group recitations, and expects all seniors to conduct and defend a thesis. Faculty have recently created such pioneering works as “How to be an (A)theist” (Dr. Mitch Stokes), which compares and analyzes the relationships between a lack of religious belief and the prevalence of moral nihilism. But NSAC also promotes well-roundedness and encourages involvement in various on-campus activities: popular ones include Spartan Races, ballroom dances, drama productions, and even the nation’s only “pumpkin rugby” team! For small class sizes and a memorable experience infused with Christian perspective, few options can beat New Saint Andrews College.

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