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For a solid financial value at a school with high research activity and correspondingly high commitment to its students, look no further than Northern Arizona University, in Flagstaff, AZ. Its 22,000 undergraduates pay only about $10,000 per year in tuition and fees, yet can choose from over 400 degree programs and employ a full slate of academic resources, from the Cline Library (open until 2 AM!) to the Gateway Student Success Center. Recent discoveries on-campus include assessment of early language development when replacing youths’ electronics with traditional toys and books, as well as an equation demonstrating the differences in age across various surface sections of the quasi-planet Pluto. Campus life here, however, is as rich as the academics: student athletes (the Lumberjacks) compete in 11 NCAA sports, and the Liberal Arts Building hosts a variety of cultural events, including dance, theatre and the NAU International Film Series. And if you can’t relocate to Flagstaff, take advantage of one of the most robust satellite systems in the country, which encompasses 36 campuses across the state. In all ways, NAU truly embodies its motto, making “the difference that matters.”

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