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Oregon Health & Science University is where healing, teaching and discovery come together. It combined Oregon’s state programs in dentistry, medicine and nursing in 1974, and today serves about 3,900 postgraduates via an expansive campus on Marquam Hill in Homestead, Oregon. As one of the most selective schools in the nation, its admission rate to the School of Medicine is well under 10%, and the D.M.D. program at the School of Dentistry admits only about 75 students per year. OH&SU is known as both a powerful research presence and a significant investment in the future of the Northwest U.S., having earned over $370 million in grant funds and been gifted nearly that same amount by over 16,000 donors. In collaboration with students, faculty here are responsible for a number of recent medical breakthroughs, including the use of electron microscopes for bio-imaging, gene therapies that treat blindness, and even a pill that stops the spread of certain cancers cold. What aspiring doctor, nurse, or pharmacist wouldn’t want their name associated with such pioneering spirit?

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