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Union College (Schenectady, NY)

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As one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in America, Union College in Schenectady, New York was founded in 1795 and remained an all-male college until becoming co-ed in 1970. It combines the traditional curricula of a liberal-arts college with a distinctive college of engineering, in which about 11% of the student body enrolls. Its campus contains a number of historically significant landmarks, including Grant Hall (originally built in the late nineteenth century and now a fraternity house) and picturesque Jackson’s Garden. The study-abroad program here is extremely popular; over 60% of students experience time overseas in any of 22 exotic countries by the time they graduate. In addition, student life is active and vibrant; over 100 organizations include academic clubs in mathematics, German and engineering, as well as a pep band, a dance team, over 20 intramural sports teams and the locally-produced WRUC radio station. Union College’s 2,200 students know one thing for sure: they are lucky to live out their school’s motto, each and every day (“We all become brothers and sisters!”)

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