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University of Southern California

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University of Southern California is a private not-for-profit university established in 1880. It has around 18,500 undergraduates, and its main campus is located in Los Angeles, California. The diversity is incredible, with students from as many as 150 countries. The campus is stunning, often doubling as a Hollywood set. Many of USC’s alumni are the beauty and brains behind some of the greatest movies and TV shows; including John Wayne, America Ferrara, Forest Whitaker and Sophia Bush. Their football games have a passionate audience, both inside and outside home turf. The university also has a fantabulous marching band and acapella groups, and the best tailgates. It’s also an incredibly fun campus, with involving traditions and some of the best campus pranks during Conquest Week. USC is definitely a great place to be in; the campus attracts the best speakers and performers and it lays the foundation for even better future connections.

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