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Valencia College was established in 1967, with an intake of over 58,000 students. It’s one of the top community colleges in the nation, located in theme-park-happy Orlando, Florida. Valencia gets its name from the Valencia oranges found in the State. What’s distinctive about the college is its affordability and flexibility, with varied time slots for classes designed to meet anyone’s schedule. It also allows students to get a quality education on a limited budget. Through the DirectConnect program, it’s possible to continue at University of Central Florida. The campus is beautiful, and there are a number of clubs, events and activities, including concerts and Spirit Day that are celebrated with enthusiasm! It’s also just as easy to volunteer as a part of peer mentorship and other such programs to truly make a difference. NSYNC’s Chris Kirkpatrick and former mayor Rich Crotty of Orange County, Florida went to school here. Valencia College is a worthwhile bridge between high school and university.

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