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Virginia Commonwealth University

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Virginia Commonwealth University, founded in 1838, is an urban public research university that’s at the heart of Richmond. Many of its programs are top ranked either in the State or nationally. It’s the alma mater of a number of enterprising and talented people, from Christopher Poole and Patch Adams to Eric Maynor. There’s so much diversity on campus, allowing openness and a willingness to learn and grow as a person. VCU is well known for the arts; whether you’re here for the arts program or not, you can still be exposed to creative and incredible art and people. Students are confident that the VCU basketball team is unbeatable, and are tireless in their support and enthusiasm during home games. The VCU Rams are also on fire with their flawless record! Since the campus integrates itself well with the rest of the community, there’s scope for prestigious internships and good job opportunities. Virginia Commonwealth University has outstanding opportunities and education, complemented with a vibrant cultural and social scene.

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