How WayUp’s Actionable Analytics Improve Your ROI and Diversity Hiring
December 17, 2020

How WayUp’s Actionable Analytics Improve Your ROI and Diversity Hiring

Brian Mayer

Do you know where diverse candidates drop off in your hiring funnel?

Many companies come to us thinking that their D+I issues are at the top of their funnel. Yet, we’ve found that the problem typically isn’t at the top of the funnel but within the recruitment funnel itself. Otherwise, as our CEO likes to say, “it’s like a guessing game — where you think the issue is in one place but in reality, there are three other issues that are equally holding you back from achieving your goals.”

This is why we built a platform to help employers see where the drop off occurs in the hiring funnel, to ensure that not only do you get diverse candidates to enter into your funnel (through our D+I sourcing suite) but that they actually move through your funnel. We call it our D+I Actionable Analytics Suite.

At WayUp, we know our candidate pool well — all 6M of them — from how they look for and apply to jobs to which companies they’re interested in. Using our innovative dashboards, you can see a holistic view of how diverse candidates move through your funnel and where they drop off.

Our real-time D+I Actionable Analytics Suite is an arsenal of information to make more data-driven decisions that ultimately can help you improve your ROI and meet your diversity hiring goals. Our proactive and data-backed recommendations focus on three main pillars:

  1. Providing you with real-time insights and dashboards to help you achieve your hiring goals
  2. Identifying opportunity areas to help you optimize your hiring funnel and create a more efficient hiring process 
  3. Ensuring we are complying with ever-evolving privacy regulations — such as EEOC and OFCCP

Tracking Candidate Data—While Respecting Privacy

WayUp tracks as much data as possible while respecting our candidates’ privacy and complying with changing privacy regulations, employment law, and all associated rules.

We’re able to safely collect the most critical data points about candidates for employers while simultaneously respecting our users and privacy regulations.

Some of the essential applicant data WayUp provides to employers includes:

  • Basic information like name, email, phone number, resume, etc.
  • Answers to specific “knockout” questions (minimum requirements you determine for each role) like whether visa sponsorship is required, location preferences, etc.
  • The candidate's self-reported information includes educational and professional background, hobbies and interests, connected GitHub accounts, etc.

To help our employers comply with OFCCP and EEOC regulations, we do not provide individual applicants' profile picture, ethnicity, gender, veteran, or disability status once they apply to your job on an individualized basis. (To learn more about WayUp’s user demographics, read our latest article here.) To stay compliant, all reporting around demographic trends is anonymized and aggregated.

When partnering with WayUp, you will be provided with demographic information for the broader applicant pool — whether that’s for a specific role, function, or in general. We will also provide you the following data, in aggregate, about candidates who engage with your brand on our platform (such as viewing or clicking your jobs, branded content, or company profile):

  • Demographics: Gender, ethnicity, and location
  • Educational Profile: Major, GPA, graduation dates, degree type, etc.
  • Campus and School: Current attendance or recent graduation from a specific school

With real-time insights into your applicant pool, you can better understand which demographics and profiles you’re attracting and, most importantly, where the gaps are in your hiring strategy. 

This is where the “action” of Actionable Analytics begins — through recommendations like hyper-targeted sourcing, job description optimization, and employer branding campaigns.

Putting The “Action” In Actionable Analytics

We provide a range of dashboards (depending on your package) to give employers real-time insights into how well your funnel performs. The analytics in these dashboards provide you with critical information on your candidate pool and recruitment funnel to help you make more data-driven decisions to meet your diversity hiring goals. Included with our standard dashboards are:

Demographics on Applicants

  • Helps you understand reach, diversity attraction, and efficacy of digital recruiting strategy and how it aligns with on-campus efforts (if applicable).
  • Includes demographics like a candidate’s School, Degree, GPA, Major, Ethnicity, and Gender.

Performance Funnel

  • Communicates how candidates move through every step of the hiring process (and where the drop off occurs).
  • This could include, for example, data for each of these steps: Apply → Qualify → Phone Interview → Super Day → Hire.

Brand Performance Data

  • Displays how your branding projects are performing and which content has the most significant impact for the most effective content strategy.
  • This includes data on page views, brand impressions, and viewer-to-applicant conversion rate.

If you’re looking for even more insights into your recruitment funnel, then look no further. We also provide the following dashboards within our premium-level Advanced Analytics package:

Question-by-Question Drop Off for Digital & Phone Screens

  • Indicates how your knockout questions or criteria affect diverse candidates to help you make data-driven decisions about how to treat those questions or criteria to meet your D+I hiring goals.
  • For example, we found that having a GPA minimum as a criterion often leads to a lower pass rate for Black, Hispanic, and Native American candidates. (Learn more about how GPA minimums could be jeopardizing your diversity hiring goals here.)

Performance Funnel by Gender & Ethnicity 

  • Helps you understand how diverse candidates move through your hiring funnel for a particular role — based on ethnicity and/or gender — to help identify unintended bias in the recruiting process. 
  • For instance, you can track drop-off from technical assessments like HackerRank and see if female candidates are dropping off at a larger rate than male candidates (see an example of this below).

Performance Analysis by Campus

  • Shows you which schools and universities applicants are coming from, so you know which schools drive quality and diverse candidates. (We can also break the data down to show pass-rate by gender, race, and even for digital and phone screens for each university.)

Job Description Gender Bias Dashboard

  • Identifies which job descriptions have the most gender bias by breaking down the drop-off between views and applicants for each of your roles by gender so you can make changes — before it's too late.
  • We also provide each job description with a statistical Bias Score (1-10). (The higher the score, the more biased the job description has proven to be.) 
In the above sample, you can see the percentage of viewers who are Female against the percentage of applicants who are Female for each job listing.

Our in-house analytics team can also create custom reports to highlight the effectiveness of various sourcing strategies, analyze what makes an ideal candidate for your role based on education profile, and more (depending on your package).

Data-Driven Recommendations

By partnering with WayUp, you will also receive a customer success manager who acts as an extension of your team. They learn your recruitment funnel inside and out and seamlessly align their thinking to your goals. 

With every report you receive, your customer success manager walks you through the analysis and provides personalized recommendations on how to improve your recruiting process and reach your diversity hiring goals.

One of the most critical reports we provide is called the Performance Funnel Analysis by Gender & Ethnicity dashboard. In that report, we identify where exactly diverse candidates are dropping off in your recruitment funnel. This gives you visibility into each stage of your funnel and allows you to locate and update necessary parts of the process to render more positive results. 

Below is one sample of how this report revealed an unintentional bias against Black & Hispanic candidates who applied for a software engineering role. We saw how HackerRank (a technical assessment tool) rejected Black & Hispanic candidates at a higher rate. Once surfaced, we knew where to focus and what changes to recommend.

In this sample, this company switched their strategy and decided whether to drop the assessment altogether or use the assessment as an indicator rather than a pass/fail, all because they saw — first-hand — how it was unfairly biased against specific candidates.

Thanks to these data-driven recommendations, we’ve also seen improvements and optimizations regularly in other areas for our employer partners (including but not limited to):

  • Insights into which schools deliver the most ROI against your goals and which sourcing platforms offer the most qualified candidates for each role
  • Identifying drop off due to virtual assessments or pre-recorded video interview tools (especially when it comes to differences among candidate demographics)
  • Ability to create an ideal candidate profile for each role and recommendations on how to better target and engage those candidates with employer branding campaigns
  • Assessing and adjusting knockout questions that are causing a high drop off in the funnel

As a result of our Actionable Analytics Suite, our employers not only have seen a significant increase in their ROI and a major improvement in diversity hiring, but they’re also able to implement a more streamlined recruitment process that’s fair and efficient. 

Read our case study with Colgate-Palmolive to learn how they gained insights into their hiring funnel and transformed their recruiting with WayUp’s Actionable Analytics Suite. 

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