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May 12, 2020
How WayUp Enables Employers To Get Back To Every Candidate Within 24 Hours
Brian Mayer

Every person who applies to a job on WayUp hears back from the employer within 24 hours. This is so unusual in the job search market, that on a regular basis we receive unsolicited feedback from candidates who are just blown away:

"I like the idea of someone being in my corner. I've applied for work for some time without any responses and now I'm getting them using your platform."
"The feature where you get a response within 24 hours is amazing. It's unlike any other job board, in an excellent way."
"The site has made it easier to find internships that suit my interest and I am able to make connections with recruiters more easily."

The average recruitment platform doesn't offer this feature—which is why it's no surprise the #1 complaint we hear from candidates about the job search process is that they don’t hear back from employers.

So, how did WayUp change that?

1. Candidate Profiles

Every candidate who signs up for WayUp creates a digital profile that gives candidates an opportunity to provide as much detail as possible about their work history, education, and anything else employers may want to know over the course of a job application. Candidates can also make these profiles public and searchable so employers can reach out to them directly about opportunities. Check out our CEO’s!

This example profile of our CEO showcases essential info with a personal touch (and a puppy never hurts).

The digital profile also helps us promote our employers’ jobs to candidates who are qualified, helping recruiters who can then spend less time sourcing and more time interviewing. It also has the added advantage of making sure candidates are only seeing and applying to jobs they meet the basic requirements for. For example, we would never show an internship intended for rising sophomores to a graduating senior.

2. The Digital Screen

Every job on WayUp requires a digital screen in order to apply. Employers determine which qualifications they want to require for the job, whether it be certain majors or the willingness of candidates to relocate for the position. These questions ensure that candidates who are not qualified for the role don’t advance to the interview stage.

After being digitally screened, all candidates, pass or fail, are transferred to the employer’s ATS.

Brief questionnaires like these allow companies to have all the information they need to make first-round decisions.

The purpose of the digital screen is to ensure employers have 100% of the information they need to make a “first-round” choice on candidates, and to give both sides 100% visibility into the job application process. We also make sure employers have a chance to review every application, even those that don’t meet the minimum requirements.

3. Notification & Scheduling

After the digital screen, WayUp technology matches job qualifications to each candidate’s answers and digital profile, and based on the employer’s criteria, will pass or reject candidates via an automatic notification within 24 hours.

Candidates who don’t meet the minimum requirements will receive an email notifying them of the employer’s decision 24 hours after the application, unless the employer specifically decides to accept that candidate. Candidates who do meet the requirements are immediately routed to our scheduling engine, which lets the candidate move forward into whatever the next step of the employer's hiring process is. This can include anything from:

  • Their team phone screening the candidate
  • Our team phone screening the candidate (our Pro/Premium package)
  • The candidate being asked to formally submit an application to the employer’s ATS
  • ...or anything else the employer’s process may entail

Want to learn more about how WayUp enables employers to get back to every candidate in 24 hours? Watch our 2-minute video below.

Our Vision

Our vision is for the job hunting process to be transparent, informative and easy. With our 24-hour guarantee, we help candidates spend their time focusing on what they need to do to prepare for their interviews, rather than worrying about whether or not their application was reviewed.

This also helps employers and recruiters by giving them the time to interview qualified candidates rather than spend time sourcing and screening unqualified candidates.

To find out more about how WayUp helps employers provide the best possible candidate experience email us at or fill out the form below.

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