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February 7, 2020
What Is A WayUp Phone Screen, And How Can It Help Your Recruiting Team?
Liam Berry

The phone screen is one of the most time-intensive parts of the recruiter’s job. It is also undoubtedly one of the most important. 

An actual conversation is one of the few ways to determine whether candidates possess foundational skills—like communication and problem-solving—which are essential for both technical and traditional business roles.

Plus, speaking to an actual person is great for the candidate experience. We found that 87 percent of Gen Z candidates expressed a preference for phone calls with a human over pre-recorded video and virtual interviews, which means using one can help your company’s consumer brand and long-term employer brand.

However, getting every qualified candidate a phone screen would require a massive investment of time, both for the actual screens and the administrative burden of notifying candidates, scheduling, and processing the results. That’s why WayUp offers a tech-enabled phone screening service to secure the benefits of screening every applicant without the heavy lift.

How The WayUp Phone Screen Works

WayUp phone screens are a service that utilizes both proprietary technology and a team of expert in-house recruiters to make sure that every candidate gets an incredible experience while also ensuring that your team only speaks to qualified candidates.

Setting Up Your Phone Screening Questions 

The first step is to develop your list of interview questions for each role.  We’re skilled at taking the screening questions your team would normally use and making recommendations to ensure those questions lead to clear pass or fail outcomes. 

“During the pre-launch period, we review the questions to make sure there’s no unconscious bias there,” says Danielle, who trains and manages the team of experienced recruiters who conduct phone screens at WayUp. “We leverage our early-career recruiting experience and historical data from previous engagements to ensure we’re removing bias wherever possible.”

WayUp can also work with your team to develop an entirely new set of screening questions. Either way, you can rest assured that our recruiters are always giving you candidates that match your specific criteria.

The Workflow & Phone Screening Process 

Once the role is posted, our technology will digitally screen all applicants by asking them knockout questions like whether they require visa sponsorship or are willing to relocate, if applicable, and other hard criteria that apply to each unique role. 

Then, our technology will send a personalized follow-up email to candidates with either a polite rejection or a congratulations email with an invitation to schedule an interview seamlessly through our scheduling software.

Phone screens are offered from 8am to 11pm, Monday through Saturday. Off-hours phone screens are incredibly important for diversity. In fact, 90 percent of candidates who schedule phone screens on WayUp outside of normal business hours are black, latinx, or female.

Once scheduled, our team will conduct the phone screen, letting candidates know that they are calling from WayUp on behalf of your company.

In-house recruiters like Juan screen candidates on behalf of your company—but always identify themselves as WayUp employees.

Our technology is designed to automate the critical-but-time-consuming elements of the phone screening process. For example, our tool captures recruiter notes, pass/fail status, handles follow-up emails, and sends all of the data directly to you by logging it in your applicant tracking system (ATS).

Plus, after every phone screen, in addition to a follow-up email, candidates will receive EEOC-compliant soft skills feedback. Many early-career candidates aren’t aware of general interview best practices due to their lack of corporate experience and limited connections. Even things like reminding candidates to state their names when they pick up the phone or to take interview calls in a quiet location can help level the playing field. 

“Tons of candidates, pass or fail, write in to tell us how much they appreciate the soft skills feedback,” WayUp’s Recruiting Team Lead Danielle says. “And most, if not all, of those candidates are underrepresented minorities or women.”

And even though the feedback is coming from WayUp, they’ll associate the positive experience with your brand.

In short: We’ll handle first-round phone screening for you, thereby ensuring your team only speaks to qualified, interested applicants–and that every candidate has a great experience with your brand.

The Benefits Of WayUp’s Phone Screening For You & Your Team

You’ll cut your time-to-hire, on average, by 50 percent. By partnering with WayUp, and letting our tech-enabled recruiters handle the initial phone screen, you’ll effectively automate your most time-consuming administrative tasks. This enables you to get qualified applicants in front of hiring managers and program leaders faster than ever before. 

When WayUp is fully integrated into your process, you could put a qualified, interested applicant in front of a hiring manager in 48 hours. That’s 18X faster than the average SHRM time-to-hire of 36 days.

You’ll increase diversity. Our digital and phone screens are built with an emphasis on diversity and continuously updated to remove unconscious bias. We offer flexible screening times outside traditional working hours—from 8am to 11pm, Monday through Saturday. Remember, 90 percent of screens outside of normal business hours are booked by black, latino, and female candidates.

We also use EEOC-compliant analytics and expertise to identify and remove unconscious bias at every step—from your job descriptions to your screening questions and follow-up emails. You’ll be able to move more qualified, diverse applicants through the pipeline by optimizing and iterating on your process.

You’ll reduce cost-per-hire. WayUp’s average cost-per-hire is less than $1,000. That’s more than 6X better than NACE’s average all-in cost-per-hire of $6,110. Our wide reach and tech-enabled process allow your team to source, qualify, and phone screen candidates quickly, increasing your return on investment (ROI).

Your candidate experience will be unparalleled. By providing candidates with quick responses, the opportunity to speak to a human, and soft skills feedback, you’ll be producing a positive, memorable candidate experience that will boost your consumer brand, and assist in future recruiting efforts. Plus, our outreach utilizes employer branding content—from interview-based articles to fully custom videos—that will keep candidates engaged with the opportunity and help prepare them for their second-round interview.

What Does A WayUp Phone Screen Not Do?

The WayUp phone screen is an excellent way of hiring faster, increasing your diversity, and saving hundreds of hours for you and your team.

However, the WayUp phone screen can’t serve as a full-service replacement for an internal human resources team. WayUp technology and recruiters don’t assist with final interviews, on-boarding, extending offers, or doing check-ins with new hires. 

While we can integrate third-party hard-skills assessments, like CodeSignal and HackerRank, into our process, the WayUp phone screen alone does not serve as a rigorous test of hard skills like coding and analytics.

In closing, the WayUp phone screen isn’t a replacement for your recruiting team. 

It’s an enhancement of the process you already use that cuts time-to-hire, increases diversity, and empowers your team by giving them back their valuable time. 

If you have any questions about WayUp’s flexible screening offerings, please reach out to to learn more or fill out the form below.

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