Boost your diversity sourcing efforts and productivity with D&I Sourcing and Unbiased Screening

Hitting your diversity hiring goals starts with attracting the most diverse and qualified talent.

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WayUp Diversity Sourcing & Unbiased Screening Screen

Source qualified and diverse candidates for your early-career roles

Expand your recruiting reach without having to spend time and money visiting campuses. Companies who embrace a virtual-first approach see significantly more diversity in their hiring funnels. Seventy-one percent of candidates are Black, Hispanic, Mixed, or Female and over 7,100 colleges and universities are represented, including all HBCU’s and other MSI’s.

Target diverse candidates using self-reported EEOC & OFCCP compliant data

This includes ethnicity, gender, major, location, campus, experience level, veteran status, and more. Ninety-one percent of candidates self-report ethnicity. Because all data is self-reported, maintain EEOC and OFCCP compliance while gaining powerful new insights about potential candidates.

Communicate with candidates and get responses

Proactively bulk message or individually message passive candidates to build a pipeline for your positions. You can also send campaigns! Candidates choose how they want to receive messages (SMS text, email, etc) so you also get some of the highest engagement rates in the industry.

Focus on qualified candidates

WayUp’s unbiased digital screening only sends qualified candidates to your ATS based on the criteria that you determine. It also guarantees that every unqualified candidate hears back within 24 hours — saving your team time while also providing a world-class candidate experience.

Address your diversity sourcing strategy today, or risk losing top talent.


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