How Anthem Delivers on Their Purpose to Improve the Health of Humanity

Liam Berry
How Anthem Delivers on Their Purpose to Improve the Health of Humanity

Anthem’s purpose – Improving the Health of Humanity – is at the core of what we do. It’s our North Star. Why is this important? Because companies that are purpose-driven grow on average three times faster than their competitors. But more importantly, they have a lasting impact on the world.

Our purpose is bold and aspirational, and every word was carefully chosen.

What Our Purpose Means

  • Improve – A relentless pursuit of progress and innovation. It requires us to remove barriers that hold us back. 
  • Health – Transform our mindset from a legacy insurer or healthcare company to a company focused on the broader definition of health. Health in all its forms – mental, physical, emotional, and socio-economic.
  • Humanity – This is the common thread that binds us as people, and it speaks to each and every one of us – individuals, families, and communities.

Delivering On Our Purpose – Together

Our purpose will help us deliver critical objectives for the company, transform what we do, and deliver results. It will help us build our reputation in a way that inspires others to not only admire what we do but want to do business with us. It will unify us and serve as the reason we work relentlessly each day to pursue a simpler, more affordable, and more effective healthcare experience for all those we serve.

What will you do to bring our purpose to life and Improve the Health of Humanity?

Each and every one of us plays a critical role in delivering on our purpose.  We should approach each day with a purpose-driven mindset, and use our purpose as a lens to shape our behavior and guide our work.

What will you do each day to bring our purpose to life? Share your “I Will” statement and how you’ll work to improve the health of humanity through your daily work.

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