This Global Tech Company’s ‘Academy’ Will Prepare You To Thrive In Your First Job

Liam Berry
This Global Tech Company’s ‘Academy’ Will Prepare You To Thrive In Your First Job
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Bridging the gap between college and the “real world” takes work, literally.

But preparing for that first real job takes more than just work. If you want to find success, you’ll need to learn—not only how to do your new job, but also about your employer, industry, and the customers they serve. And most training programs just don’t do enough to prepare new grads for the working world.

That’s why Avaya introduced their Academy. The company aims to help new and recent grads make the transition to the working world—and find their place in a global company while doing it.

Avaya’s Academy Takes You Step By Step

“The training program at Avaya is excellent. Starting a new job, you could be overwhelmed with the need to learn so much in such a short period of time,” Nicolette, a new Account Manager and graduate of the Academy, tells us. “That’s not the case with the Academy.”

The Avaya Academy starts with the basics. You’ll learn from courses, webinars, and successful veterans of the team. You’ll cover everything from Avaya’s state-of-the-art communications equipment, software, and services to the specific strategies and goals of your function.

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Then, once you’ve mastered the essentials, your focus shifts to shadowing different members of the team and practicing skills in real business situations alongside them. With their support, you’re able to fine-tune your skills and find your own path at the company.

“I was placed on an awesome team, all of whom ended up being my mentors,” says Halie, a recent graduate of the Academy on the Federal Account Management team. “From week one of the Academy program I was able to constantly shadow my team, ask questions, have hands-on practice and opportunities to perform duties solo.”

Finally, after graduation, it’s time to take your place with your team—but the support doesn’t end there.

After You Graduate, It’s Time To Take Off

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Academy graduates are well prepared to take on their permanent positions. However, there is always more to learn in the ever-evolving industry of communications tech. That’s why the Avaya management team is focused on maintaining development while also giving you room to fly.

As another Academy alumna, Grace, told us, her new team did a great job of introducing her to her new business partners while showing her the ropes. However, when the time came for her to start handling the accounts solo, they stepped back and allowed her to take the reins.

“I really like the empowerment I feel with being able to manage my business partners myself as a new Channel Account Manager,” she says.

This focus on collaboration and teamwork is also why so many graduates of Avaya’s Academy end up excelling. And the teams at Avaya don’t just help each other in their current roles, they help their colleagues advance. Halie found this particularly true: When her team saw her success with her current responsibilities, they wanted to help her take the next step.

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“Avaya provides a lot of opportunities for training, mentorship, and leadership positions. My leaders are constantly supporting me to meet my long-term goals,” Halie says.

Avaya Is A Global Company—With A Global Talent Exchange Program

The opportunities for development at Avaya often go hand-in-hand with opportunities to work with and travel to Avaya colleagues and clients around the globe.

The Global Talent Exchange Program is a great example of this. Through the program, high-performing Avaya team members work temporarily on a different global team. This means living, learning, and working in another country. There are even opportunities for recent graduates of the Academy to participate in it.

“I have always been curious about how other countries, communities, and companies operate,” Rachel, another Account Manager and Academy graduate, says. “Avaya’s Global Talent Exchange Program is a great opportunity to do that.”

Whether they’re connecting with different teams around the globe—or becoming a part of one—Avaya’s Academy graduates all become part of a global effort.

Ready to start your own journey around the globe—and toward your future? Check out open opportunities at Avaya on WayUp!