Want A Fulfilling Career (And Life)? This Bank Lets Its Team Go Above And Beyond To Help Others

Liam Berry
Want A Fulfilling Career (And Life)? This Bank Lets Its Team Go Above And Beyond To Help Others
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All of us want a career that lets us live up to our full potential. And that means wildly different things for those across the spectrum of talents. But whether you’re a budding accountant or the next great coder of blockchain tech, there’s at least one goal you probably share with your multifaceted peers: You want to help other people.

That’s why the best companies don’t just offer you the ability to succeed, but to use your skills and success to help others.

Helping others can mean philanthropy, building a more inclusive corporate culture, or even just putting yourself in a position to help your co-workers. These things can make work into something that makes your life—and not just your bank account—fuller. These opportunities are built into Citi for that very reason.

Here’s a look at how Citi’s culture of giving back makes your work (and life) that much more fulfilling.

Use Your Talents For An Even Greater Good

Let’s face it: Life is about more than just doing your work!

Citi offers you real opportunities to enrich your life by enriching the lives of others. Take the iMentor Program, for example. It connects early-career Citi employees with young people from low-income areas to help shape their lives for the better.

If you’re in Citi’s Markets or Banking North America divisions, you can make a difference with their Volunteer Africa program, which sends junior analysts on 4-week trips to develop microbusinesses across the continent.

If you want to make an impact stateside, Citi also offers a program in which summer interns who receive a full-time return offer can defer their offer for one year and work for a non-profit organization in the NYC area—while still receiving 60 percent of their base pay for that year.

However, if international travel or working with kids and teens isn’t your thing, Citi offers other, more subtle ways of helping your fellow person, too.

Building A Better Company Through Diversity And Inclusion

Diversity, not uniformity, is valued at Citi.  Citi works in and hires from 100 countries. Plus, leaders on the Citi team encourage employees from around the world to shift responsibilities and locations. That means at any given office, you’ll be working with people from entirely different backgrounds with unique experiences.

Not only has this been proven to lead to concretely better decision-making, it also means that people are more welcoming of others from diverse backgrounds. This leads to a more cooperative environment.

This type of change doesn’t just come from the top down, either.  Citi has more than 16,000 employees in their social and professional networks based around affinities like shared interests, ethnicity, and professional goals. Whether you’re a veteran or into cardiovascular health, you’ll be able to find colleagues you click with in Citi’s 150-plus employee networks.

Cultivate A (Work-Life) Balance—And Help Others Do It, Too

One of the best ways to help others is to help yourself—and few things help you more than leading a balanced life. Members of the Citi team are able to do that—while still performing at extremely high levels—thanks to Citi’s innovative policies on work-life balance. Citi lets its employees work smarter, not harder.

For those on busy Banking Capital Markets and Advisory teams, Citi offers protected weekends, so that you can lock down work-free weekends ahead of time and plan for the important events. Whether you spend that time on a board game night with your friends or a meeting of your volunteer board, these types of meaningful events can really only happen outside of work hours. And Citi makes sure your management team knows that.

Where possible, Citi may offer remote work, so you can set up a work-from-home schedule or do it as-needed to free up the time you’d otherwise spend commuting. You can work with your manager to find the right workplace solution on how, when, and where your work gets done.

The best part? You’ll not only benefit from this philosophy, but you can practice it, too, both as a co-worker and as you move up the ladder. One day, you can be the boss who gets to help your employees plan a balanced work week.

Whether you’re helping people in far-flung lands or assisting your co-worker on a project so he can spend extra time with his family, Citi has built a culture that encourages and enables you to do the right thing.

Citi’s leadership in company culture flows naturally from their leadership in technological innovation, diversity, and social impact. Companies that care about their people and their communities (and the world) are better employers—and their employees get more done, whether it’s for the company mission or for the good of humanity.

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