5 Facts That Show Citi Is Actually Committed To Diversity

Liam Berry
5 Facts That Show Citi Is Actually Committed To Diversity
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“Diversity” can and should be a lot more than a buzzword.

Here are five facts that prove Citi is committed to paying more than just lip service to its diversity and inclusion initiatives.

#1: Accelerator Programs Bringing Diversity To Leadership

One of the biggest culprits of pay gaps or discriminatory environments is the lack of diversity in leadership roles. After all, it’s hard to overcome the differences in average salaries among Senior Vice Presidents if there are only three females in the role.

Though Citi is already hitting above industry standards in the share of females and people of color in managing director and director-level roles, they have an accelerator program whose goal is to make even more progress.

Citi is continuing to refine development programs offered for women and people of color. Take their Diversity Leadership Program, for example. It provides high-potential employees in the Institutional Clients Group with access to workshops, individualized coaching, and sponsors to help build their executive presence and strategic skills. One way Citi embeds diversity into its recruiting efforts is through its Early Identification programs. Through Early ID, talented college sophomores from diverse backgrounds learn the skills necessary to prepare for the recruiting process. At the end of the five-week program, students are offered the opportunity to interview for a full-time internship and can have their junior summer internship locked down a year (!) in advance.

 #2: Citi Accommodates The Needs Of A Diverse Workforce

A diverse workforce means having a variety of needs and desires when it comes to how, where, and when work happens. And Citi is committed to improving the work/life priority, supporting business continuity needs, and optimizing the company’s real estate footprint.

Citi supports a number of flexible work schedules and arrangements to help employees and managers find the right workplace solution that meets personal and business needs.

Flexible work requests can be made by individuals, managers, or businesses within Citi. These remote work requests must remain within the United States and be approved by management—who will ensure that business goals can still be met. If the flexible work request includes a part-time schedule, then the reduction of hours may impact your employment classification or pay.

Options like these demonstrate Citi’s understanding that accommodating a diverse workforce means more than recognizing holidays—it’s about changing the way work is done, for the better.

#3: Nearly 100 Countries’ Worth Of Perspective

Tons of companies can boast about their “global” status because of their multitude of office locales. But few can truly say what Citi can: Citi has a presence in nearly 100 countries with offices across the globe hiring local talent. The firm also does business in over 160 countries. This allows Citi to combine global insights with deep local knowledge—and gain a powerful advantage because of it.

#4: Global Mobility = Global Workforce

Citi does more than just maintain offices in nearly 100 countries. They hire in those countries, too.

Citi empowers members of its team to change both their locations and their responsibilities. For example, their Global Engagement Management Associate (GEMA) program allows employees to move abroad and work in two different countries over the course of two years.

As one employee put it, “Regardless of where you start, there are countless examples of people here who start in one function or geography and end up somewhere completely different.”

This policy gives seriously amazing opportunities to people around the world, and it creates the gold standard in team diversity: You are guaranteed to have people with unique backgrounds and experiences. This means you can have people from opposite sides of the world on the same team.

#5: Employee Networks Ensure All Groups Are Represented

One of the most important parts of protecting diverse interests is making sure everyone has a voice.

One of the ways Citi accomplishes this is through 150-plus chapters of employee-formed and –led network groups. More than 16,000 employees across 38 countries make up groups like Women in Finance, Pride, and Black Heritage. These and other groups create another safeguard against intolerance and discrimination and provide employees across all levels of the organization access to their peers.

Something missing from this list? You could change that.

Citi’s culture of embracing diversity that is embedded across all levels, from junior employees to the C-suite, gives people the voice they need to make even more changes for the better.

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