This Company Wants To Get You A Full-Time Job—Years Before Your College Graduation

Alyssa Greenfield
This Company Wants To Get You A Full-Time Job—Years Before Your College Graduation
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Things that are usually too good to be true: award-winning dining hall food, healthy ice cream, getting through the semester without buying a single textbook, never having to take a class before noon.

Things that actually ARE true: getting an amazing full-time job because of a program you got into as a sophomore.

Enter Citi’s Early ID program, a totally remote, five-week training and mentorship opportunity with the global bank that preps you for a career in one of 15 business areas across the company.

Did we get your attention? Whether you’re excited or still a little skeptical that such a program exists, read on for more details—and to find out how to get in.


You Qualify For Early ID If…

Early ID is open to current college sophomores across the country. There are five programs available:

As for your major? Well, that’s not a defining factor for Citi (seriously, anything from economics to art history is perfect). You just need to fall into one or more of the above groups and be passionate about learning the ins and outs of a career in finance. As the Early ID team at Citi puts it, “the ‘why’ is more important than the ‘what”.

Applicants get to choose which business areas they’re most interested in, from technology and trading to human resources and credit card marketing.

What You’ll Do

At the start of the program, you’ll be assigned a mentor in your specific business area who will support you and help you be successful throughout those five weeks. You’ll also get:

  • Access to the same amazing online trainings used to get full-time Citi analysts up to speed
  • Workshops customized to your business area
  • Webinars with analysts
  • A partner to go through online trainings with you
  • A crash course on the internship recruiting process at Citi (in case you want more after those five weeks… which we bet you will!)

Since no two college students have the same exact schedule, you get to set the pace of the program based on your class schedule and other responsibilities. Know how your parents and teachers are always harping the importance of time management? Now’s your chance to show them you’re a master at this forever-important skill.

How To Get In

Ready to apply? Applications are open through March 16th, but we wouldn’t just send you on your way without some guidance. We talked to the team behind Citi’s Early ID program and got their insider tips for landing a spot:

  1. Have a strong “why”: Why are you interested in banking, and what stands out about Citi, specifically? One of the keys to a memorable interview is tying your answers to your personal story. You don’t have to know every detail of the finance world, but you do need be passionate about the industry.
  2. Bring your authentic self: Don’t shy away from your identity—embrace it. Citi wants to know who you are and what makes you different from everyone else who applied. From your personality, to the clubs you’re a part of on campus, to your summer plans, to the latest book you’re reading, don’t hold back on sharing who you are.
  3. Show you’re a self-starter: Are you teaching yourself how to code on weekends? Did you start an intramural sports league on campus? Are you running your own business in between classes? Showing you’re driven to go above and beyond will definitely help you stand out.
  4. Do your research: Whenever you connect with Citi team members on campus or online, remember that networking is a two-way street. Ask great questions, follow up, and make sure you’re adding value. An email saying “Here’s an article I read and this is my view on it” is far more impressive (and more memorable) than a basic “Can you tell me what it’s like to work at Citi?”
  5. Embrace those soft skills: It might seem counterintuitive, but if you do land an interview for the Early ID program, your soft skills will get you farther than your technical skills. Interviewers want to see that you have great work ethic, relationship skills, and emotional intelligence. In fact, only one component of your interview will be technical.

Your Future At Citi

Ready for the best part? Your relationship with Citi doesn’t have to end after those five weeks. In fact, the Early ID Program is designed to help you build a long career at the company. Past participants who joined the program as a sophomore have gone on to intern with Citi and ultimately land a full-time job with the company.

But what if you decide to pursue an opportunity at a different company after the program? That’s fine, too! The program is all about setting you up for success no matter where you go in the future. Although, from everything we’ve heard about the culture at Citi, there’s a good chance you’ll be hooked after five weeks.


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