5 Reasons Why Citi Is The Tech Company You’ve Always Wanted To Work For

Liam Berry
5 Reasons Why Citi Is The Tech Company You’ve Always Wanted To Work For
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The face of tech is changing—and not in the way you might expect.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to genuinely refer to “tech companies” as their own category. After all, how do you even define a tech company? Is it that they do business online? Is it that they have a mobile app? Is it that they employ top-notch engineers? Or is it the impact they have on the world?

Yet no matter which benchmark you use, there isn’t a single box on the “high-powered tech company” checklist that Citi doesn’t hit. As it turns out, Citi is a powerful force in tech, and it’s actually one of the best places to work on advancing technology.

#1: Innovation Isn’t A New Chapter—It’s Citi’s Whole History

Citi was one of the first banks to get customers online. Now, they have developers working around the world using Citi technology to make amazing new products that can integrate with their mobile app.

This is why so many of Citi’s innovative teams are successful: They know that their history of success comes from taking risks on what’s next. This is how they stay ahead in cybersecurity, too. Their Cyber Security Fusion Center serves as a central command for monitoring and coordinating responses to cyber threats.

Whether you’re working in the Citi Innovation Labs on the latest machine learning and AI integrations or with the Citi Mobile Challenge team, traveling the world collecting the best ideas for mobile banking, you’ll never get bored working on FinTech at Citi.

#2: They Have Their Own Developer Hub—So You’ll Never Be Left Behind

Citi doesn’t just hire the best talent in tech—they work with them directly through the Citi Developer Hub. As a part of its “build, buy, or partner” strategy, Citi lets innovative developers come to them. For example, Australian airline Qantas used Citi APIs to build an app that gives users personal finance advice while helping them rack up reward points for new flights and deals. Or take SingSaver, a credit card comparison site that used Citi’s database tech to offer customers instant approval on Citi cards.

Working for Citi FinTech, you’ll get to coordinate with start-ups and established businesses who want to integrate the company’s offerings into their products or apps. That means you’ll never miss a beat in your industry, because all the latest advancements will be constantly integrating with your systems.

#3: You Can Work Like A Startup Innovator—Except With The Resources Of A 206-Year-Old Banking Giant

Many of Citi’s innovations come from small teams working independently. One such example is their D10X program led by Citi Ventures, which enables employees to generate and test new ideas to determine whether a proposed product solves a client need early on in the development process. Once an idea is approved, the employee “founders” of the startup project will receive funding for their idea, similar to a traditional venture capital process. They also receive in-house coaching from entrepreneurs in a formalized entrepreneur-in-residence program, have opportunities to pitch to Citi’s senior executives, and access to Citi’s business platforms and development labs.

When you have a team like Citi’s backing you up, the sky’s the limit when it comes to maxing out your potential.

#4: You Can Test Experimental Tech With A Willing User Base

In addition to the millions of customers who participate in open betas of innovative mobile features like in-app transaction disputes or card replacement, Citi has its very own dedicated beta testing community called Canvas designed by Citi SM.

Most innovators wish they had a group of actual customers willing to work with them on making their product better. But it’s incredibly rare to have access to that kind of audience. Why is Citi different? They have designed a space—Canvas—that looks to explore questions like, “What if reclassifying expenses changed how you viewed spending money?” or “What if you could see how your daily physical activity affected your spending?”

From concept to execution, Citi employees make user-centric innovations happen.

#5: You’ll Get To Work On Tech That Makes A Difference

One of the most appealing aspects of working in tech is the ability to make a difference in the lives of your fellow human beings. This couldn’t be truer than when it comes to working on FinTech at Citi.

Financial well-being and investment affect people’s lives every single day. Helping people understand how they can better manage their money, save for the future, or afford basic necessities  like education or housing can make all the difference in the world.

Whether you’re building a new feature for a mobile app that helps blind users fully access their accounts or crafting a watchful AI that helps people make better financial decisions, the tech you work on at Citi will make a tangible difference in the lives of millions.

And who doesn’t want that?

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