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Social Media Helper

Finman Technologies

Social Media Helper
Remote Part-Time Paid


$10 an hour


Looking for someone to write posts for Twitter and hopefully more social networks if you're successful.

Our target market for these posts are Technology people, teens.

This is our content strategy for our target markets of teens & tech:

Social Media strategy for our target markets of teens, tech, and republicans:

The tone should be like tony stark, tony stark like joking egotistical, examples:


  • [ ] Post good looking photos Examples:
  • [ ] Humorous jokes about pop culture stuff involving Example: Talk about pokemon go example:
  • [ ] Extravagance - posting photos of travel that I do Example:
  • [ ] Inspiration - Things that get you motivated to do big - talk about fun, rich, fame, and just your general motivational advice Example:
  • [ ] Say how much high school is terrible and how college is too expensive and you can’t get a job

For tech:

  • [ ] Humorous jokes about tech i.e. pokemon go Example:
  • [ ] Advice for being successful

I will give you a test project of writing 30 tweets. 15 tweets targeting teens, 15 tweets targeting tech, using the above criteria for each group. Ideally try to combine tweets that appeal to both groups at once or two groups. Like this tweet appeals to teens and tech people:

For things that require photos above - just taking stock photos or photos online, even if they're not photos of me or of me doing something extravagant. Just use them as an example.

I have no interest in hiring anyone to help with paid social ads.

You need to be able to be on twitter 8 hours a day PST time and even more tweeting about relevant topics.


Social Media


You need to know how to run a twitter account, and preferably know other social networks well like Instagram,, Snapchat, Youtube, and Facebook

About Us

I'm Erik Finman, Founder of Botangle, and one of Time Magazine's Most Influential Teens. I made $100,000 from an investment in Bitcoin when it was very low and kept track of the markets so I could sell it at its peak of $1200 at 15.

We do many projects. Right now, we're currently working on a satellite project that gives the average person access to space.

Fun Fact

We're working with Taylor Swift and Josh Whedon on this satellite project.

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