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Reddit Guru (Paid)

Finman Technologies

Reddit Guru (Paid)
Remote Part-Time Paid


Will pay $20 for every reddit post you get past a 1000 upvotes.

So if you get one post to the top of reddit per hour for 8 hours. That's $160 per day, or $1120 per week or $4480 or $53,760 per year for just posting on reddit.


Hello, I'm looking for for someone to post about me and my projects on reddit all day.

  • You'll need to share links to press for my projects to the right subreddits.

  • Share and create self posts to the right subreddits based on my project

  • Create memes to share to our own subreddit.

Just generally looking at my social media account and thinking of potentially good to things to share.

You should be able to learn what posts do well and what posts don't do well and adjust the post accordingly to be more effective.


Social Media Marketing


  • Regular user of Reddit

About Us

I'm Erik Finman, Founder of Botangle, and one of Time Magazine's Most Influential Teens. I made $100,000 from an investment in Bitcoin when it was very low and kept track of the markets so I could sell it at its peak of $1200 at 15.

We do many projects. Right now, we're currently working on a satellite project that gives the average person access to space.

Fun Fact

We're working with Taylor Swift and Josh Whedon on this satellite project.

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