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Social Media Marketing/Brand Ambassador

Intern Beds

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Do you know someone interning in NYC or Boston?

You earn $$ if they rent an apartment with us.

It's simple just...

  • Share a link to school organizations and groups.

  • Log in and monitor your referrals and traffic.

  • Track your referrals and link your ambassador portal to a PayPal account to earn commission with your referral code.


  • Hard working & access to a computer and internet.

  • Must have social media profiles set up and be willing to set up a PayPal‚Äč account.


  • Make money by sending referrals through our website.

  • We will pay per post ($5-10) in social media groups in Facebook.

About Intern Beds

Who we are

We help thousands of interns find the best housing for their summer internships in NYC and Boston.

Fun Fact: We have 2 offices. 1 in NYC and 1 in Barcelona