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Business Development Intern (Up to $15/hr)

Course Hero, Inc.

Business Development Intern (Up to $15/hr)
Remote Part-Time Paid




  • Utilize social media to increase visibility & develop marketing skills

  • Build a resource to help current & future students at your school

  • Provide critical insights to help improve/expand our academic resources

  • Engage in weekly professional development workshops with a Course Hero Manager


  • Interest in business, marketing, entrepreneurship, communication, and/or technology

  • Able to effectively communicate and connect with others

  • Driven to do something amazing for the world of education both here and abroad

  • Experienced with social media tools like Facebook and Twitter

  • Current students living on or near campus

  • On-campus involvement (leadership positions a plus!)

  • U.S. citizenship or work authorization

About Us

Course Hero is an online learning platform that empowers millions of students and educators to succeed. Fueled by a passionate community of students and educators who share their course-specific knowledge and educational resources, Course Hero offers the biggest and best library of study documents, expert tutors, customizable flashcards, and course advice. Course Hero is now used by over 10 million students to supplement their class work with course-specific study materials.

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