Associate, 3-12 History Content Design

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Associate, 3-12 History Content Design

New York, NY
Full Time
  • Responsibilities
    • To plan and write a rigorous and relevant history curriculum as part of a multi-year history program centered on a rich, inquiry-based pedagogy in both Middle School and High School settings

    • To create all necessary lesson materials, lesson plans, and curricula for units of the course that are aligned to both the internal vision for History at Success Academy and the academic state of the field

    • To support curriculum content creation for other courses in our 3-12 History program

    • To work with school based faculty and leadership on training and implementing the curriculum

  • Desired skills
    • Demonstrated knowledge of History and expertise in a specific discipline (World history, American history, economics, politics, philosophy, etc.)

    • Extremely strong writing skills

    • Exceptional work ethic and ability to work flexibly and collaboratively

    • Talent in logistics and project management

  • Industry
  • Fun Fact
    In June 2018, we graduated our first class of seniors and ALL of them are headed to college!
  • About Us

    Our dual mission is to: Build exceptional, world-class public schools that prove children from all backgrounds can succeed in college and life; serve as a catalyst and national model for school reform, and help change public policies that prevent children from having access to opportunity.