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Campus Chapter President (paid)

The Society for Collegiate Leadership & Achievement

Campus Chapter President (paid)
National Campus Rep Paid


  • $500 yearly compensation

  • SCLA membership ($95 value)

  • Letter of Recommendation from SCLA Executive Director

  • Valuable leadership experience including marketing, social media, and networking


As Chapter President you will:

  • Take the necessary steps to register SCLA approved as a student organization on campus, including identifying a staff/faculty advisor

  • Serve as the liaison between the chapter and the SCLA National Office

  • Create awareness of SCLA through word-of-mouth and digital marketing tactics


Great communicator, passionate, articulate, and active on-campus


  • Minimum GPA of a 3.0 preferred

  • Minimum 12 completed credit hours preferred

  • Preferably, high involvement on campus.


  • Student Government
  • Greek Life
  • Honor Societies
  • Cultural Organizations
  • Club Sports

About Us

The Society for Collegiate Leadership & Achievement (SCLA) is a multidisciplinary honor society with members at 280+ colleges and universities, nationwide. We aim to maximize student potential through our powerful skill development platform, 550+ skills videos, vibrant mentor and peer community, and internship and job opportunities.

SCLA offers a customized experience with nearly 100 competency-based certifications, practical exercises, exclusive webinars and events, and mentoring to help students develop skills and apply them in real-life situations.

Our members become leaders that stand out from the crowd!

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