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Computer Programming Coach ($20-30/hr)

CodeSpeak Labs

Computer Programming Coach ($20-30/hr)
Irvine, CA
New York, NY
Part-Time Paid


CodeSpeak Labs coaches are paid $20-30 / hour depending on their experience and level of the program that they teach and support.

We also have Teaching Assistant positions available for people who don’t yet have enough coding skills but are in the process of learning. This is a stepping stone position for individuals who aim to be promoted to Coach. TAs are paid $12-15 / hour.


CodeSpeak Labs coaches are enthusiastic, committed individuals who love helping kids learn and solve problems.

Coaches guide students through activities which progressively develop their coding skills.

Through each stage of the program, students build working websites, apps, games, and more, and coaches send parents regular updates via email on their child’s progress with links to their child’s work.

This is a part-time position 1 - 15 hours / week. It’s a great opportunity grad students and undergrads studying CS or working developers with flexible schedules.

Once you’re accepted into the ranks of CodeSpeak Labs Coaches, we’ll match you up with classes and students based on your skills and availability.

*CodeSpeak Labs teaches youth K-12 computer programming using a lab-based approach; the focus is on students doing rather than listening to lectures or reading textbooks.


  • Infectious Enthusiasm!: You believe all kids can learn to code.

  • Experience working with youth, especially as results-oriented teacher or tutor.

  • Ability to learn and adapt quickly: You love feedback and constant improvement.

  • Computer science skills: No prior CS experience necessary for entry level coaches. Applicants with experience with HTML/CSS, Javascript, and Python will have priority to work with our advanced students, have opportunities to do teacher training and curriculum development, and have a higher starting hourly rate.

About Us

CodeSpeak Labs teaches kids coding-- the language of the 21st century-- giving them a competitive edge before they’re even in college.<br> Jobs in computer programming are among the fastest-growing and highest-paying opportunities, but 90% of high schools do not offer any computer science classes. We offer classroom-based and private instruction in New York and Orange County in grades K-12. www.codespeaklabs.com

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