Culinary Intern / Kitchen Assistant

Camp Cobbossee for Boys

Camp Cobbossee for Boys

Culinary Intern / Kitchen Assistant

Monmouth, ME
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    Cobbossee is a 4-week, 2-session sleepaway summer camp in Maine. The dates for this position run from June 9th to August 14th, 2021. For more on what summer camping actually is, see the very bottom of this document!

    Cobbossee is looking for a few talented and motivated *Culinary students/Kitchen Assistants *for the summer of 2021. The Dining Hall is one of the most important parts of our Camp experience. Our outstanding chef Louis has run the kitchen, producing famously delicious food for the past 33 years at Cobbossee. You can learn a lot from this guy. You’ll join a team with a proud heritage of producing three delicious meals for the 340 people at camp each day over the intense two months of summer. Louis is the rarest of breeds: he runs a “scratch kitchen” meaning most if not all of the meals are not pre-prepared in any way. This means you will learn how to execute scratch food on a large scale. No small thing.

    You will be part of a diverse team of fourteen in the kitchen, working a 6-day shift pattern, receiving an hourly minimum wage and overtime on the 6th day. The roles in this team encompass everything that it takes to run a safe kitchen, these jobs range from kitchen set up, meal distribution, food preparation, dining room set up, clean up and everything associated with a professional kitchen and Dining Hall space. Your roles will be diverse and varied throughout your daily schedule. It goes without saying your personal strengths determine your level of responsibility and autonomy in the Kitchen team as well as your eagerness to learn. Best of all you get to interact with the entire community of Cobbossee and prepare them delicious food.

    It must be said that, in Louis’ kitchen, the **_staff work hard and everyone chips in_ - dishes, pots, prep, mopping, and garbage, as well as prep, knife skills, and cooking. This is NOT a classic kitchen hierarchy where ego and seniority decide who might clean a pot on a given day. If you are too good to do the scrub work and pull your weight in a vibrant team, look elsewhere.**


    “Summer jobs” are often seen as throwaway jobs. Not here. This job is going to challenge you. You are going to give of yourself, have an absolute blast, develop strong friendships with your peers, and really make a difference in young people’s lives. When you step outside of your comfort zone and join us on this adventure you will grow as a person, develop job specific skills and you’re going to develop real relationships doing it alongside fellow staff and with our wonderful campers.

    You should come work at Cobbossee because we are one of the best. We develop counselors like we develop campers. You will change for the better. It will truly be the summer of your life.

    For anyone not familiar with the huge world of sleepaway camps in New England, it works as follows:

    All over the northeast each summer, families send their boys and girls up to New England to spend anywhere from a couple weeks to the entire summer at a sleepaway camp. Sometimes people who are not from the east coast see this as a strange choice, maybe even a mean choice! “Don’t they like their kids?” the question goes. Of course they do. They love their children and it’s hard for them to be away from them for the time they are at camp. But parents sacrifice time with their kids in the summer because summer camp is really good for young children. Camp (especially longer-term camps of four-to-eight weeks) teaches children independence, self-reliance, and confidence through the teaching of new skills, improving at sports, and living away from home. It isn’t always easy. But it is worth it! Crucial to this process are you, the counselor. You become like a family member to the campers in your cabin. In fact, you will find yourself developing really fast yourself, just so you can be the best counselor and instructor possible for your kids! It is rewarding, challenging, and transformative work to care for campers.

  • Compensation
    Competitive Salary + Bonus + Travel Allowance. Wifi, Transport and full Bed & Board all summer
  • Benefits


    You don’t want to stay at home all summer do you? Ever wanted to see New England? Well, in addition to your minimum wage salary ($12.12 in Maine) and a professional experience. You will earn an estimated $3838 before taxes. We provide everything in house all summer, including food, bed and board, wifi, transportation, gym and laundry on site for a small weekly sum. The biggest benefit of working the summer at Cobbossee is the community of great staff and campers that you will be a part of. We will have a freer and safer social scene on site than you can experience in the outside world right now. Our support staff play an important role interacting with our boys and staff unlike in some camp settings.

    The food is famously good at Cobbossee. You’re going to see and be a part of this first hand. You will also live apart from our boys, unlike our Counselor staff, living in same-sex bunks that allow you the distance and quiet from the bustle of camp around your shift work.

    We want you to be a part of our community. That means in your free mornings or afternoons getting out onto our fields and courts to engage in our activities alongside our campers. The Waterfront, Sport and Adventure activities at Cobbossee are available for you alongside the campers, come try and play on everything we provide alongside our campers.

    Further, days off and nights out are spent with other adventurous folks like you who came to play. Our counselors make lifelong friends at Cobbossee. Many return year-to-year. The strength of Cobbossee comes from it’s great, personable staff. Famously, Cobbossee’s kitchen and support staff are an integrated, full-membership part of our community, not a second-class set apart from all the fun and magic.


    We can configure your employment this summer as job training, an internship, or just a really great summer job. Our director, Dr. Joshua Holland, is a former academic and can make sure your experience is converted into internship credit if that’s what you want. If you are in a job specific major, this experience can be one of the best paid internships you can find.

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  • Fun Fact
    Cobbossee has hosted campers (bar 2020) since 1902.
  • About Us

    Camp Cobbossee is Maine's premier 4 week sports and adventure camp for boys. We hire college age athletes to counsel and coach our boys aging 8-16. Competitive salary, bonus, travel, COVID SAFE Operation, Bed & Board all summer and tons of fun!!!