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Data Entry ($15/hr)

Department of Information, Operations, and Management Sciences

Data Entry ($15/hr)
Remote One-Time Paid


The job will pay $15/hr.

The job will take ~1-2 minutes per entry, so it will be a 15-30 hour job.

Total compensation will be between $250 - $500.


I am doing a quick study on the coverage of Web of Science vs Google Scholar.

I would like to take 100 faculty on Google Scholar from Stern/NYU (according to the following search

Then for each of the faculty members, we would like to conduct a search using their name. For example for Yakov Amihud, the search would be

For the top-10 citations, we would like to record the citations reported by Google Scholar ("Cited by XXX") and the number of citations reported by "Web of Science" ("Web of Science: YYY"). For the "Web of Science" link to appear, you need to be on NYU Campus and be logged in to

The deliverable will be an Excel Spreasheet with 6 columns and ~1000 rows.

The columns:

Author, Publication, Journal, Year, Scholar Citations, WoS citations.

The rows will be one for each publication. We have 100 authors, and examine 10 publications for each, so that will be a total of 1000 rows.

About Us

The Department of Information, Operations & Management Sciences (IOMS) is home to faculty whose research style is analytical or technology-based.

The IOMS faculty have a well known reputation for excellence in research and teaching. Our research focuses in areas such as big data, crowdsourcing and innovation, online advertising, mining social media content and social networks, the sharing economy, revenue management and pricing, long memory time series and categorical data analysis.

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