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Project Controls Specialist Sr./Principal (HR - 4141)

La Sierra University

Project Controls Specialist Sr./Principal (HR - 4141)

Riverside, CA
Full Time
  • Responsibilities

    La Sierra University is a religiously qualified equal opportunity employer. Resident Assistants are recruited with specific attention to their membership in the Seventh-day Adventist church. In the event that a qualified Seventh-day Adventist is not available to fill a given position, non-Seventh-day Adventist applicants will be considered.

    Should you not be chosen to be a Resident Assistant for the following academic year, you can still make a difference. We believe that ALL residents can make positive contributions to the on-campus living/learning environment. We invite you to get involved with your residence hall through other employment opportunities or in the residents' club. ASK YOUR DEAN HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED!

    1. Please read before completing the application:

    The Resident Assistant program is important by two-fold goals. One is assisting in the maximum development of desirable characteristics in each resident, and the second is providing and maintaining a climate which enables the residents to benefit most from their college experience. The Resident Assistant is primarily concerned with the resident’s success in pursuing academic, spiritual, social, and physical excellence.

    To gain some degree of success in reaching these goals, the Residence Hall must be conceived of as something more than a well-organized, efficiently-run hotel. It must provide more than a bed and shelter. It must not be an escape from the intellectual life of the campus, but an integral part of the mainstream of the total campus.

    DUTIES: Since the role of the Resident Assistant is complex, no all-inclusive list of activities can be developed. Duties and everyday living seem to be synonymous. Each RA is given a Resident Assistant Handbook to study. This handbook is a specific Job Description and contains informative materials, so be familiar with its contents. A general outline of the major responsibilities is as follows:

    1. Advising/Mentoring Students. The RA must accept each resident as a unique individual. Relationships with students should be such that they will not hesitate to ask the RA for help or assistance. To help develop this rapport, the RA is to be available during their designated office hours and in the evenings, Monday through Thursday according to the specific Residence Hall Job Description. The only exception is on the Resident Assistant’s night off or weekend off duty. Any substitutions of time or changes of schedules with other RA’s need to be cleared with the Dean.
    2. Programs. Each RA is expected to provide or present a worship service, conduct hall meetings, participate in Residence Hall Clubs (Club Towers, Club Angwin, and W.O.W.), Customer Service Representative meetings, and assist with all special activities and projects in the Residence Hall. Constructive suggestions pertaining to residence hall projects, worship speakers, educational seminars, or other activities are welcome.
    3. Reports/Log. Each RA communicates relevant information of interest on individual students, student morale, housekeeping problems, and unusual occurrences. The RA is to make a thorough tour of his or her area each day, checking for janitor and maintenance items that may need to be reported. The RA is encouraged to visit informally with the Dean at any time regarding his/her concerns and observations. Each RA will keep a log of their interactions/observations of their residents as well as a logging report of their RA assigned Leadership Development/Experience activities to review with their Dean mentor(s).
    4. Record Keeping. The RA is responsible for filling out Room Condition Inventory sheets during the week of orientation and when the resident checks-out of the room. When the students arrive, the RA is expected to go to the student room and check them in, obtain their signature, as well as check them out when they leave. This process often takes place in the middle of a quarter or at the end of fall and winter quarters as students change rooms or leave the residence hall. Some of these duties will begin at the end of the year in which you apply.
    5. Appointments. The appointments of the RA are many and varied. They range from taking room check each night, working assigned times at the front desk Monday through Friday, taking worship record at assigned weekday worships, weekly office hours, being “on” weekend duty and working assigned weekend desk hours, and possibly being chosen to be a student representative on the Student Life Committee and/or the Discipline Committee, Appeals Committee, etc., assigned programming task or other administrative areas.
    6. Meetings. The RA is expected to attend all meetings as called by your Residence Hall Deans. Because the RA is also a Customer Service Representative, he/she will need to attend the regular Customer Service Representative Meetings, scheduled by the Dean.
    7. Public Relations. The RA represents the University at all times, in both a direct and indirect manner, promoting a fuller understanding of the University and its objectives. Each RA is an extension to the Residence Hall Deans in administrating and interpreting campus personnel policies.
    8. Administration. The RA is expected to maintain a living environment conducive to spiritual development and academic success as well as other goals of a college experience. He/she is responsible for the physical residence hall property and is expected to interpret and enforce University rules, regulations, and policies.

    Should an applicant find himself/herself in variance or disagreement with a policy to the degree that he/she cannot consistently and in good grace carry it out, then in all honesty the RA has a duty to decline appointment, or resign, as the case may be.

    1. Leadership Development/Experience. Along with your general RA duties, you will be given specific responsibilities to develop in one or more of these four areas: Administrative, Academic, Spiritual or Social.
    2. Other responsibilities as assigned or needed by the Dean. ie: desk hours, cleaning rooms, sorting mail during breaks, assisting in emergencies, removing trash, giving building tours, etc.

    ORIENTATION/TRAINING: The Resident Assistant's functions are varied; the duties are broad and time consuming. The first functions of a newly chosen RA will be two orientation sessions. One will be in the form of a retreat held spring quarter before school is out involving all Resident Assistants and the Resident Hall Deans for the coming school year. Following this retreat, the RA-in-training should plan to be involved in Residence Hall procedures as designated by the Dean. The RA will assume full duties two weeks before school begins for the second orientation.

    QUALIFICATIONS: The position of RA demands that the applicant meet the requirements of his/her academic program while fulfilling the responsibilities of the position. An above-average grade point record is a prime indicator of the applicant's ability to perform both functions well. For this reason, a minimum grade point of 2.5 is urged. There are no restrictions as to major field. At least a Sophomore class standing (completed 44 units or more) is preferred as well as experience living in a residence hall setting. Seventh-day Adventist applicants only.

    Since the position calls for guiding others, leadership qualities are important. A meaningful pattern of extracurricular activities in high school and college indicates the applicant's breadth of background and participation in the school's program. These personal qualities are vital:

    • Integrity
    • Empathetic understanding and respect for others
    • Good personal adjustment to life
    • Ability to see the humorous side of things
    • Moral and spiritual values
    • Flexibility and openness to change
    • Ability to stay up late
    • Christian life style in accordance with the University Student Handbook
    • Good stress management skills
    • Ability to work well in team work settings

    Good citizenship/student conduct is also important. RAs placed on Citizenship Probation (CP) for any reason will be dismissed from their position.

    TIME COMMITMENT: Because of the breadth of responsibilities, it is difficult to place a time value on the job. However, it is estimated that the RA will invest between 22 and 25 hours weekly. A time of recuperation is allowed the RA in the form of one night off duty as arranged between Monday and Thursday evenings and scheduled weekends off. In addition, the RA will work 3-4 weekends a quarter and is expected to be available on campus at all times during their weekend on duty.

    The RA should plan to assume full responsibilities by arriving on campus two weeks early (to be determined). The RA should plan to continue those responsibilities until 12 noon Monday, the day after graduation (or until the Dean designates.) RA's have the option of working during the vacation for extra pay.

    Because of the demand on his or her time, the RA is limited in the following ways:

    • The RA may hold only one major office in campus organizations, pending the dean's approval, with the exception of any SALSU positions.
    • Involvement in other extracurricular activities should be entered into only after counsel with the Dean.
    • Consult with the Dean before registering for any major traveling organization ie: Enactus, varsity sports, ministry groups, etc.
    • The RA will need to make special arrangements for fieldwork, student teaching, or other employment. The RA position is considered to be the student's primary employment.
    • Because of such rigorous demands and great responsibility to the Residence Hall, the Deans recommend that the RA applicant seriously consider taking a moderate load during the year as an RA.


    Required Skills Required Experience

  • Qualifications

    Primavera P6 experience/skills [Required]

    Deltek Cobra cost experience/skills [Preferred]

    Earned Value Management (EVM) /EIA-748 Implementation [Preferred]

    DOE experience [Preferred]

    Strong PC skills to include Microsoft software; automated accounting and cost management systems

    Strong interpersonal and communication skills

    Understands the fundamental concepts of Project Controls, Cost Engineering, Scheduling, Earned Value Management or Estimating

    DOE “L” or “Q” clearance or ability to obtain a DOE “L” or “Q” clearance

  • Industry