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Instructor at Outdoors Residential School Program (CA)

Pali Institute

Instructor at Outdoors Residential School Program (CA)
Running Springs, CA Entry-Level Paid


$280.00 per week, and an extra $25.00 per day in cabin. Master’s Degree and/or Teaching Certificate considered for extra pay.


Pali pays 50% of health benefits after 90 days employment

Instructors are provided off-site housing accommodation for weekend and out of cabin use. During the week staff live on-site in cabins.

When not in cabin, Pali Institute offers 7 off site houses for staff to reside in. With an extensive training period where curriculum is showcased and discussed, local ropes procedures are trained, and team building is not only taught, but enjoyed--a family culture emerges each season. You will meet some of the closest friends you will ever make while working and living with other light hearted and fun individuals. Come expand your network with our staff from all over the United States.

While 80-85% of our time will be spent in cabin, we have majority of our weekends off--allowing for ample opportunity to explore the immediate area or further away destinations. With city life bustling below, lakes nearby, plenty of trails to explore, and great climbing opportunities only minutes away, there is no lack of recreation to be had on our free time. Small town living in the San Bernardino Mountains also provides a cozy retreat from the inland empire, and other large metropolitan areas.

Time off!!! With most weeks ending around 1pm--our weekends are free for play. Furthermore, every season our instructors receive a full week off to enjoy however they desire. Our staff members have stayed on the mountain to merely rest, while others have ventured off into the American West for more adventurous journeys.

On the job training! While working for Pali Institute our instructors get to learn alongside our students. With a comprehensive training period, opportunity to shadow classes, feedback via observations and advisory groups--our staff can take their camp skills to a new level. Every day is an opportunity to work with a diverse student body and in many different capacities. We learn how to facilitate ropes courses, team building, debriefings, and teach science classes (ranging from aerodynamics, geology and engineering, astronomy, and forest ecology--just to name a few). On top of the science, leadership, and outdoor education, we also enjoy some conventional camp fun. We sing songs, tell stories, participate in variety shows, watch movies, and play field games. The great thing about Pali is the dynamic nature of the instructor position. While past experience is preferred and pivotal to our program, someone with the right skill sets and motivations can often be an asset to our team. With your well-rounded experiences as an Instructor with Pali Institute you can gain valuable competence for future endeavors.


This is a full-time seasonal position with hours scheduled according to group attendance and additional duties as assigned. Our calendar is almost sold out, so work will be available. You can expect to be in cabin no more than 80-85% of the time.

Pali is a Residential School Program.

Most weeks our instructors teach an activity group during the day and then take on the role of cabin instructor with responsibilities during meals and at night. Our science curriculum covers a broad array of topics such as alternative energy sources, squid dissection and herpetology. With California’s seismic history in mind, we test the strength of student's engineered structures.

Students also learn about aerodynamic principles as they build and launch rockets. We foster and encourage personal and social growth with the help of our team building sessions, low ropes course, three high ropes courses and quad zip lines. When the sun goes down, both instructors and students perform skits, learn about crepuscular animals while using their senses on a night hike, or turn up the music as the students perform karaoke.

In addition, students are able to gaze into the night as they learn about stars, planets and the galaxy their on way back to cabins. During cabin time, instructors can customize the students’ free time, gearing activities or relaxation time towards sharing personal passions like music or art, or adventuring out to play games during an exploratory hike.

By the end of the week, our instructors are able to reflect on both the rewards of working with children and teaching in the outdoors.


  • Applicants must have a Bachelor's Degree

  • Extensive experience in the camping and/or experiential education fields.

  • Be comfortable and confident supervising and teaching students in large and small groups.

  • Must be able to have fun with kids, laugh at yourself and be silly!

  • Must have a good sense of humor.

  • Must have the ability to be flexible and adjust to changes quickly.

  • Must have the ability to work in a team environment with 45 other staff!

  • Have a positive attitude.

  • Handle concerns/issues in a constructive manner.

  • Must be able to receive constructive feedback and apply the information in the timely manner.

  • The ability to learn and execute the lessons/activities in an expansive curriculum.

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.

  • Must pass a federal and state background check.

  • First Aid/CPR certification

  • With the right skill sets and motivations, entry level applicants will be considered.

About Us

Pali Institute is a fast-paced and growing outdoor education program located in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California. We use our unique outdoor setting to teach and challenge students in the fields of science, environmental ethics, outdoor skills, teambuilding, and leadership. We hire enthusiastic, outdoor-minded instructors ready to live and work in the mountains.

Fun Fact

Our Southern Californian locations and weekends off allow our employees to explore and play in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah.

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