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Learning Center Assistant/Grader @ Kumon Math & Reading (Near UC Berkeley)

Kumon Math & Reading

Learning Center Assistant/Grader @ Kumon Math & Reading (Near UC Berkeley)
Oakland, CA Part-Time Paid


Starting at $12.83/hr


  • Duties mostly involve grading student worksheets

  • Other duties include training study skills and guiding students to become independent learners, working with preschool-age students, administrative tasks such as data entry (PC), reading with students and evaluating progress, and center maintenance/cleaning.


On the job training provided


  • Applicants must be proficient in math through Algebra and have a passion for reading.

  • Must be focused, diligent, and enjoy working with students of all ages (pre-K to high school).

  • Must be respectful and polite; show professionalism, punctuality, and a willingness to learn.

Requirements for successful candidates:

  • Excellent English skills (e.g.: pronunciation, grammar, spelling, comprehension, etc.).

  • Excellent Math (e.g.: arithmetic, inequalities, factorization, quadratic functions, etc.).

  • Outgoing and service oriented personality.

  • Energetic & proactive (e.g.: ability to work well under pressure & multitask).

  • Punctual, well organized & reliable.

Additional consideration will be given to candidates with the following:

  • Prior experience as a Kumon assistant or a Kumon student.

  • Early childhood education or related support experience.

  • Education or related support experience.

  • Higher degree math skills (integrals, trigonometry, sequences, calculus, etc.).

  • High level English language skills (complex sentence structure, main idea, summation, analysis/critique)

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