Independent Tutor (Make $1000+/Month)

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Independent Tutor (Make $1000+/Month)

Part Time
  • Responsibilities

    Are you a master expert? Or perhaps a dedicated biology student? An absolute SAT wizard? Whatever your expertise is, there are people all over the world who need your help.

    Varsity Tutors has students looking for tutors in subjects in subjects ranging from the basics (like English and Social Studies) to the college-level nitty-gritty (like Organic Chemistry and Foreign Languages) to certification exams and standardized tests (Hello, MCATS!).

    You’ve got the knowledge. Varsity Tutors has the clients. Work with them to cut out the extra baggage of of having to find clients yourself. Here are some of the amazing benefits to becoming a tutor on the Varsity Tutors platform:

    • Get paid twice weekly for your tutoring sessions
    • Set your own schedule
    • Pick the opportunities that YOU want
    • Tutor online however your schedule permits
    • Option to tutor ON-DEMAND: No need to schedule a session ahead of time. Just hop on the platform and earn money right away for sessions as short as 15 minutes!
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  • Qualifications

    Just your knowledge on any or all of these subjects. Tutors are independent contractors with their own teaching styles, methods, and materials.

    This is a great opportunity to work flexible hours and be your own boss!

  • Compensation
    Make $1000+ by helping people learn. Varsity Tutors lets smart, motivated people make money by sharing their knowledge. Get connected to real clients right away and start getting paid to teach. You’ve got the knowledge. They’ve got the desire to learn.
  • Industry
  • About Us

    Varsity Tutors is a live learning platform that connects students with personalized experiences to accelerate academic achievement. We are looking for strong tutors across all academic subjects and age groups! Varsity Tutors has created a learning ecosystem that includes free professional practice questions, answers and explanation sets across 150 subjects and tests that can be utilized by both students and tutors.

    We currently offer three convenient ways for tutors to meet with students: Online, In-Person, and On-Demand (Instant). Tutors on our platform have earned more than $1000/month through instant tutoring! Instant tutoring allows tutors to set their own flexible hours and to work completely On Demand. If you have a more consistent schedule, you might also really enjoy our Online and In-Person tutoring where you can meet consistently with the same students through pre-scheduled sessions.

    We connect experts and learners. Apply for tutoring opportunities today!