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On-Campus Content Creator - Part Time - $100 for 10 Videos



On-Campus Content Creator - Part Time - $100 for 10 Videos

Multiple Locations
Campus Rep
  • Responsibilities

    As a Media Producer for CampusReel you will be responsible for filming, curating, and organizing a series of short videos that give prospective students an honest and authentic understanding of your college, campus, and community.

    We expect a minimum of 10 video clips that range from 1:30-4:00 in length, which you will film over the course of 2 weeks. We will communicate directly with you as you capture your campus, and will provide you with a detailed task list that outlines all the videos we would like to see in your campus tour.

    As compensation you will receive up to $100 (as long as all video requirements are met), you can put Director of Media Production for CampusReel on your resume, and we will gladly write you a letter of recommendation for future employers should you desire one.

  • Qualifications

    We are looking for motivated, heavily involved, highly personable content creators to represent their college and campus on CampusReel. The following skills & qualifications are looked upon incredibly favorably when considering applicants:

    • Experience with video filming, editing, and production
    • Experience with photography & directing
    • Experience working on-camera
    • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Compensation
    $100 for 10 Video Submissions
  • Benefits

    $100 + Resume Booster & Letter of Recommendation

  • Industry
  • Fun Fact
    Nick is pretty sure that he can clap faster than 99% of the world's population - open to challengers
  • About Us
    Through student-generated video content, CampusReel allows high schoolers around the world to deeply understand a college, campus and community - without needing to spend tons of money and time visiting universities in person.