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Part-time EEC Certified Teacher $12-14/hr (Boston)

Imajine That

Part-time EEC Certified Teacher $12-14/hr (Boston)
Boston, MA Part-Time Paid




  • Adhere to all Assistant Teacher and Associate Teacher job requirements

  • Follow Team Leaders' and administrators' direction and handle tasks delegated by them

  • Develop and implement lesson plans

  • Exhibit flexibility, implementing and supporting Imajine That's innovative new practices

  • Make the classroom child-oriented, comfortable, inviting, relaxed, and stress-free

  • Encourage empathy in children through warm hugs, smiles, and appropriate touches

  • Modulate tone of voice and manner at all times and take steps to avoid inappropriate behavior

  • Promote awareness of "fair" and "unfair"

  • Encourage problem-solving and self-help skills in children

  • Create a self-directed environment using the concepts of Principle-Centered Leadership

  • Offer reminders and choices to foster positive self-esteem development

  • Make the anti-bias and anti-favoritism perspectives evident throughout the classroom

  • Clean classroom and equipment as needed

  • Clean playground and other common areas used by individuals or group

  • Ensure that the classroom meets regulatory ratios at all times and that children are supervised and safe

  • Follow all company policies and procedures, especially those in the Staff and Family Handbooks

  • Regularly document the behavior of children undergoing difficult times or challenges

  • Highlight and respond to health and safety issues within the classroom and center

  • Display required information neatly and visibly

  • Maintain and utilize outdoor survival kit appropriately

  • Practice frequent fire-evacuation procedures


  • Must be "Teacher Qualified" by the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC)

  • Must be able to pass a background check

  • Project a positive image and a neat, professional appearance, following Dress Code

  • Relate well to colleagues, being respectful, resourceful, and supportive

  • Exhibit flexibility, implementing and supporting new policies and procedures

  • Keep teachers and administrators informed, either verbally or through written notes

  • Offer general information to families about their child’s day

  • Take initiative with families at end of day to interact and build relationships

  • Respect professional boundaries between families and teachers

  • Refrain from unprofessional dialogue or gossip

  • Direct families with concerns to either the teacher or an administrator; Take the time to listen carefully to the family concern(s) and express to family members that you will follow up

About Us

Imajine That is an interactive children’s museum, located at the Riverwalk in Lawrence, which features pop up programming in various public schools and community centers. These various business models all focus on family and child engagement.

The Imajine That Museum is a first of its kind family and child interactive museum where human potential has no boundaries. Our unique 12,000 square foot play space offers an environment where families can create and learn together in a safe and educational manner. Imajine That's "Imagination Stations" include a child sized Whole Foods grocery store, a HUGE dinosaur climbing structure, Between the Lions literacy area, Peep and the Big Wide World Science Station, Lowell General Hospital Doctors Office play area, and an arts and crafts area, just to name a few. The museum is the premier destination for children celebrations. Imajine That offers various party themes, add-ons to make your party celebration even more fun!

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