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Camp Alleghany for Girls

Camp Alleghany for Girls

Staff Photographer

Caldwell, WV
  • Responsibilities

    Do you have to be an award-winning photographer to land a great summer job as a photographer? Or even have a professional portfolio of published pictures?

    Not always!

    In our case, we’re totally open to an amateur who just has a great eye, a sunny personality, and loves to shoot pics as long as that person has one other crucial quality — and that’s a proven record of being organized, responsible, and detail-oriented.

    So read on to see what we’re looking for in our staff photographer positions this summer:

    Positions Available

    • 1-2 Staff Photographer positions for Girls Summer Camp Residency
    • Perfect college student level summer job for Photography, Mass Communications, Marketing, Journalism, or Art Majors — or for photography hobbyists!


    • Outgoing and friendly disposition for creating warmth and ease among your photo/video subjects.
    • Experienced with photography with 20 portfolio shots in application (amateur portfolio considered, too).
    • Experienced with basic technical videography (on a phone is fine).
    • Understanding of visual “storytelling.”
    • Mandatory paid on-site training and paid camp session dates from June 13, 2021 – August 7, 2021.
    • Optional additional paid week during Family Camp through Sunday, August 16, 2021.
    • A “team spirit” attitude about being in a vibrant and friendly summer camp.
    • Solid work ethic.
    • Love for outdoors and the ability to work long hours in varying outdoor conditions.
    • Physically fit to endure walking up and down hills throughout each day/climbing/different positions for photographing subjects/carrying equipment.
    • Excellent role model for girls and fellow staffers.
    • Self-starter who can work independently on assignments as well as generate her own creative ideas for photography.
    • Familiarity with managing photos in a Google Drive or ability to learn.
    • Ability to balance in-the-field photo/video work with office hours for uploading and organizing photos/videos.
    • Clear and friendly communication skills with photo/video subjects, fellow staffers, and superiors.
    • Proven work record of various jobs/skills that demonstrates your ability to perform assignments effectively (this can be anything from waitressing to retail stores, church groups, work-study, volunteer organizations, etc.).
    • Female (you will be living among all-female campers/staff) on Tent Row.

    Preferred (Any combination of the following):

    • Experience with attending or working at a summer camp or other residential life situation.
    • Experience with planning/execution/completion of leadership (as in a club, event, sorority, organization, or work).
    • Experience in youth leadership.


    Hey, we said no portfolio needed, right? No, we said a professional portfolio was not needed. But we still need to see samples of photos you’ve taken to see how you frame shots, see subjects, add filters, and more.

    You can be an amateur or photo hobbyist, or someone who thinks, “Hey, I take pretty good pictures,” or you might have done some actual photography work in journalism, art, sports, work-study, or something related and either way provide us with 20 photographs to encompass the following:

    • Ten action shots from sports, the arts, activities, or events.
    • Five candid shots from any situation with a special emphasis on visual storytelling — (more than just happy people having a happy time).
    • Five documentation shots (portraits, landscapes, architecture, etc.).
    • OPTIONAL BONUS SUBMISSION: An up to 3-minute video you’ve done that shows storytelling ability.


    While this is a paid position, all hired photographers will simultaneously be earning a work-level Internship with our marketing firm Curren Media Group where you will complete some initial training for the job and with whom you will interface on some photography requests and on progress on managing photo files on our drives.

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    Camp Alleghany is the oldest girls camp in the Virginias!
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    Located on the beautiful Greenbrier River in West Virginia, Camp Alleghany for Girls is a residential summer camp that naturally inspires growth through honor, loyalty, and friendship.