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Summit Program Staff (Mission & Wilderness Trips)


Summit Program Staff (Mission & Wilderness Trips)
National Entry-Level Paid


Support Based Salary


Working at LeaderTreks is more than a job; we want to develop you as a ministry leader, someone who is equipped to face both present and future challenges.

A dedicated group of people will help you clarify your calling and teach you practical leadership skills so that you are ready to lead others in the adventure of following Jesus. You will apply these skills and gain valuable experience as you lead and facilitate mission and wilderness trips and leadership training events.

Program Breakdown:

Summit team members will:

  • Participate in the Summit program for two years

  • Go through 16 weeks of intensive leadership training on leadership gifting, transformational teaching, and trip leading

  • Lead 12-15 weeks of mission or wilderness trips for middle and high school students throughout the year

  • Facilitate 4-6 retreat-style Leadership Training Events for youth groups and Christian schools each year

Job Responsibilities:

Team members must be able to:

  • Build meaningful relationships with students and youth workers that foster discipleship and spiritual development

  • Manage trip logistics, such as the purchase of food, the planning of work projects, or wilderness preparations

  • Facilitate nightly small group discussions, including team evaluation and Bible Study

  • Connect leadership principles to students’ experiences in the wilderness or the mission field

  • Develop and coach college-aged interns assigned to you each summer

*Our office is located outside of Chicago in Carol Stream, IL. Trips and training events take place across the United States and Latin America.


Bachelors Degree

About Us

LeaderTreks is a student leadership development ministry using trips, innovative training, and curriculum to help students identify and develop their personal leadership skills.

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