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Winter Break Online Minecraft and Roblox Camp Teacher

TechKnowHow - Tech for Kids!

TechKnowHow - Tech for Kids!

Winter Break Online Minecraft and Roblox Camp Teacher

Part Time
  • Responsibilities

    You will be responsible for leading or assisting up to 8 kids, ages 7-11, in either beginning and/or intermediate Minecraft, or Roblox. during three day virtual camps, from either 9-12 and/or 1-4 (Pacific).

    Here are classes and skills covered:

    Beginning Level Minecraft camp - Building and maneuvering in Minecraft. Creating shelter, farm, zoo, and waterslide. Using redstone circuits to build a rollercoaster. Simple use of command blocks. Intermediate Level Minecraft camp - Building structures, traps and redstone machines. Use of command blocks to create actions such as fireworks and sword enchantments.

    Minecraft Survival Island camp - Lead campers in a custom-built Minecraft world. Guide the students as they work together to create a shelter, a working farm, and locate tools and resources. Then, students explore the island, looking for equipment and clues in their quest to defeat the Ender Dragon.

    The teacher will be there to guide and help the team successfully complete their missions. Instruction will focus on teambuilding, cooperation, logic and problem-solving, and development of Minecraft knowledge and skills.

    Beginning Roblox camp - Create a challenging obstacle course, a 3D racing game, and a line runner. Teach how to navigate the Roblox interface, interact with 3D models, create models, generate terrain, and even some simple scripting with Lua.

    Curriculum and lessons are provided. You will have small-group training on the curriculum before you teach.

  • Qualifications
    • Must be familiar with either Minecraft or Roblox, or both.
    • Must have Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, not Java edition nor Minecraft for Mac.
  • Compensation
  • Industry
  • Fun Fact
    We must have over half a million LEGOs in our office!
  • About Us

    TechKnowHow® has been providing technology-focused classes for students since 1994 and we have loved every moment of it. Our offerings include summer and winter break programs, GATE classes, and school-year enrichment.

    Our mission is simple - to have kids explore technology and get creative with it. We work hard to create a quality educational experience for all of our students.

    We hire teachers who have a love for educating students as well as a fascination with tech.

    Each day, the students learn new tech skills and solidify ones they have -- all in a supportive and fun atmosphere.

    We held virtual tech camps during Summer 2020 and they went great!